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Plainsboro hosts Police Program to address residents’ security concerns

By: Fariha Tamboli and Rafeea Tamboli Many students compare living in West Windsor and Plainsboro to living in a bubble.  With Blue-Ribbon schools and great community centers, this area has earned itself a notable reputation: safe and secure.  And, for the most part, this reputation holds true.  However, every town in America witnesses its fair share of crime, and WW-P […]

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Where trends go to die

By: Sarah Hudes What if I told you that the shirt you are wearing right now was stitched together by the hands of suffering child laborers in Bangladesh?  Or that your favorite clothing store produces their clothes in dangerous garment factories in Cambodia?  Would you rethink where you bought your clothes? While our morality answers yes, people still continue buying […]

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North ranks second in the state

By: Lei Lei Wu and Shaun Robinson   In its September 2016 issue, New Jersey Monthly Magazine released its biennial state high school rankings.  North came in at number 2 on the Top 100 list, out of a total 337 public high schools in New Jersey. However, this year the magazine changed its ranking criteria.  They considered, for the first […]

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Nassau Church Refugee Expeditions: Venturing onto the Syrian Frontier

By: Emma Killeen, Michael Miller, and Shubham Saharan Hearing about atrocities in Syria has become commonplace in our daily lives. In an increasingly turbulent political atmosphere, many Americans now see the Syrian Refugee Crisis as a propagandized affair as opposed to an issue with human lives at stake. But for the past 50 years, even before the current refugee crisis hit […]

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North’s MUN team remodels NorthMUNC II

By: Neha Tailigeri and Ritika Mukund North’s Model United Nations (MUN) team is one of the better-known clubs in the school. The club simulates the United Nations, where members, known as delegates, debate various international issues.  The club only attends four conferences at various major universities every year, but it participates in many more local conferences held by local high […]

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Ecuador 2016: more than just a field trip

By: Isha Patlola “Poderosa.  Hermosa. Divertida.” These are just a few words that Spanish teacher Ashley Warren used to describe WW-P’s trip to Ecuador this past August.  Poderosa, meaning powerful in Spanish, describes how the trip to Ecuador introduced the students to a rich, new culture and experience, leaving a profound impression on the whole group.  Hermosa, meaning beautiful, describes […]

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Accountability, or a lack of trust?

Students look forward to experiencing the freedom of senior year—driving to school, missing morning or afternoon study halls, and squeezing as much out of the forty minutes of lunch as they can.  However, this year’s seniors walked into their first lower dining hall and were met with an unfamiliar adversary.  It wasn’t college applications; it wasn’t the workload of first […]

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Chef Kdrojewski brings new dining options to North

In addition to providing healthier options, Kdrojewski has played a large role in diversifying North’s food options. This school year, he was the one who introduced Boar’s Head Meat and Cheese to the cafeteria, and he added Wawa coffee and slushies, as well. “We try to make it more retail-based more like a college retail dining facility, and we make fresh soup every day, along with two pastas, two sauces, and a full service salad bar. So we try to make upscale dining choices at the best value for your money,” said Kdrojewski.

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♫Hot Music for Hot Weather♫

With summer fast approaching and Coachella behind us, music festivals have become a desirable pastime for teenagers. Despite the young population’s desire to attend these events, many of these popular music festivals are unavailable to teens, due to economic and geographical reasons. Here are some music festivals that combine fun with accessibility for local residents!