The first day of school at WW-P does not only apply to the freshmen. Meet the new staff, get interested in new subjects offered at school, and learn a bit mroe about the new faces of North.

Christine Cabarle                                                                             Psychology

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-10-17-40-pmWhat are you looking forward to about teaching at North?

I’m most looking forward to getting to know the students.  I generally have strong relationships with  my students so I’m a little outside of my wheelhouse not really knowing the students well.  And every year I look forward to new things I am going to learn from my students.


Kaitlin Whitman                                                                                 Spanish

new-teach-whitmanHow do you plan to form relationships with students?

I plan on forming relationships with students by working my best to create fun, engaging lessons, as well as being supportive and compassionate.  I will also get involved with the community by going to sporting events, plays, and other events to support my students outside the classroom.


Beth Pandolpho                                                                              Language Arts

new-teach-pandolphoHow do you plan to form relationships with students?

We will build relationships by mutually creating a safe space in which we can do important work in reading, writing, speaking and listening; we will connect this work to our lives and the real world; we will be brave, respect one another, and tell the truth as we know it.


Daniel Bailey-Yavonditte                                                                Language Arts

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of school?

I enjoy playing and coaching fencing (I’ll be an assistantnew-teach-dby coach at South this coming season).  I love playing ultimate.  I am getting back into playing hockey regularly, which is a jump from my long hiatus after playing junior hockey a long time ago.  Literature and social justice issues that surround food are always on my mind.  I love gardening and cooking, so the life cycle of food and the justice issues inherent in that process are always fascinating and concerning.


Alba Wagar                                                                                           Spanish

new-teach-wagarWhy did you decide to come to North?

To start with, North has an excellent reputation in the state of NJ.  I came to observe three different teachers in the past and I fell in love with the program and I made it my goal to join the team.



Chelsea Julius                                                                     American Studies

new-teach-juliusWhat are your first impressions of North?

It was clear from the first moment I walked into the building that this is a school community that has a lot of pride and a lot of passion, which I love!  I’ve also just been amazed at how welcoming and supportive everyone has been.

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