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Nassau Church Refugee Expeditions: Venturing onto the Syrian Frontier

By: Emma Killeen, Michael Miller, and Shubham Saharan Hearing about atrocities in Syria has become commonplace in our daily lives. In an increasingly turbulent political atmosphere, many Americans now see the Syrian Refugee Crisis as a propagandized affair as opposed to an issue with human lives at stake. But for the past 50 years, even before the current refugee crisis hit […]

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Bringing in the new year with sickeningly cheesy glitter in Wildfire Talent mistaken for cheesiness

Remember all of those posts you saw on Facebook about the new year?  Captions reading “new year, new me” and “page one of 365.”  Remember how you felt after seeing that same post for the hundredth time?  Well not only was Facebook the home of cheesy and inspirational messages but also on January 1st, 2016 Rachel Platten released her debut […]

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Lana Del Rey impresses in Honeymoon

“Summertime Sadness” is a poor representation of Lana Del Rey. I never listened to her other songs, so all I knew of her was that song that made the Billboard Hot 100 from 2012. But when I gave her newest album Honeymoon a shot, I discovered the true Lana Del Rey: an artist with a passion for love, a cinematically […]