Josh Chait

Editor in Chief

Josh Chait is a senior at HSN. In his past three years, he has been a staff writer, features editor, and the head editor of the arts and review section. In his free time, Josh is often writing his novel, reading, or walking his dog.

Imogen Lubin

Editor in Chief

Previously a Staff writer and Senior Opinion Editor, Imogen Lubin is a senior and third year journalism student. Imogen is passionate about social justice, queerness, fashion, and the arts, all of which carry over into her work at The Knightly News. In her free time, Imogen enjoys spending time with her dogs, Olive and Bean, tending to her many plants, making earrings, and of course, reading and writing!

Ananya Sathish

Technology Managing Editor

This is senior Ananya Sathish’s third year with the Knightly News. During her past two years as a journalism student, she has been a Staff writer and Features Editor. Her interests include fashion, makeup, early 00’s movies, and classic literature. In her free time, Ananya enjoys painting, listening to and creating music, and reading.

Ananya Dondapati

Managing Editor

Ananya Dondapati is a junior at HSN. This is her third year with the newspaper, and she has served as a News Editor in the past. Ananya loves trying new things and always knows a good place to eat. When she’s not writing she can be found on the field hockey field, she’s so excited to serve this year!

Nona Saharan

Managing Editor

This is Junior Nona Saharan’s second year with The Knightly News. Last year, she worked as a Staff Writer. In her free time, she likes to listen to music and spend time outdoors. 

Edward Simon Cruz

News Editor

Edward is currently a sophomore and the news editor. He is an avid daydreamer and enjoys listening to different genres of music—whatever he feels like in the moment. He also likes talking about history and current events with others who share that interest.

Kieran Sattiraju

Assistant News Editor

Kieran Sattiraju is a sophomore at HSN and this is his second year with The Knightly News. One of his favorite hobbies to do in his free time is going bike riding.

Tanika Mally

Arts & Review Editor

This is Tanika Mally’s second year with the Knightly News. Her hobbies include reading, photography, and playing the piano.

Anusha Bapat

Opinion Editor

This is Anusha Bapat’s second year with the Knightly News. In her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends and biking.

Ismail Sy

Sports Editor

Ismail Sy is a currently a sophomore. This is second year with The Knightly News, he was a staff writer as a freshman. Ismail’s hobbies include playing basketball and writing for his sports blog.