Ananya Dondapati


Ananya Dondapati is a senior at High School North. This is her fourth year with the newspaper, and she has served as a Staff Writer, News Editor, and Managing Editor in the past. Ananya loves trying new things and always knows a good place to eat. When she’s not writing she can be found on the field hockey field, she’s so excited to serve this year!

Raunaq Saharan


Raunaq Saharan is a senior at High School North. This is her third year writing for The Knightly News! In the past, she has served as a Staff Writer and Managing Editor. At school, you can find her working with the Class of 2022 Student Council, Peer Leaders, and the People of Color Advocacy Group. Out of school, Raunaq loves listening to music, spending time outdoors, and watching (and rewatching) John Mulaney specials on Netflix!

Ria Prasad


This being her second year working on the paper, senior Ria Prasad was previously a Staff Writer for the Knightly News. When not rewatching old episodes of Patriot Act, Ria can be found attempting to recreate recipes saved to her Pinterest board. She loves spending time outdoors on crisp fall days, especially when the sun is out!

Jack Carter


Jack Carter is a senior at High School North. In his second year with the newspaper, Jack looks to help develop the program as an Editor-At-Large. When not writing for the paper, Jack can be found playing for North’s soccer and lacrosse teams or on stage in the spring musical!

Edward Simon Cruz

News Editor

Edward is currently a junior and a News Editor. He is an avid daydreamer and enjoys listening to different genres of music—whatever he feels like in the moment. He also likes talking about history and current events with others who share that interest.

Natalie Leung

Features Editor

Natalie Leung is a junior at High School. This is her second year with the newspaper, and she has served as a staff writer in the past. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching Netflix.

Tanika Mally

Arts & Review Editor

This is Tanika Mally’s third year with the Knightly News. Tanika is a current junior at High School North and an Arts & Review Editor. Her hobbies include reading, photography, and playing the piano.

Ismail Sy

Sports Editor

Ismail Sy is a currently a High School North junior. This is his third year with The Knightly News. In the past, Ismail was a Staff writer and Sports Editor. His hobbies include playing basketball and writing for his own sports blog!

Anusha Bapat

Opinion Editor

This is Anusha Bapat’s third year with the Knightly News. Anusha currently serves as an Opinion Editor. In her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends and biking.