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College Applications Process for the 2022 Cycle: What’s New & What’s the Same

Jack Carter Staff Writer Ria Prasad Staff Writer Taylor Alphonso Staff Writer COVID-19 has changed our world in so many ways, and college admissions are no exception. Changes, including the removal of SAT subject tests, AP test reformatting, along with schools becoming test optional, leave high school students with questions: How will the coronavirus change the college admissions process? Are […]

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College Board eliminates subject tests in efforts to address changing student needs

On Tuesday, January 19, the College Board announced the discontinuation of both its optional SAT essay and its SAT subject tests. The board also revealed their plans for a “streamlined, digitally delivered” SAT test. Both changes came after several months of test cancellations and adamant frustration regarding adherence to Covid-19 protocols at testing sites.

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Hopes and fears: The Knightly News sounds off on the presidential election

By: Knightly News Staff We asked the members of The Knightly News: How are you feeling about the impending election? Though none of the members will be able to vote this year, we still have a range of opinions on the various developments in one of the most hectic cycles in recent memory. Some were worried about the potential for a low voter turnout, whether due to complacency, apathy, or voter suppression. Natalie Leung: The best way to describe how I feel about the impending election is ambivalent. I follow the election pretty closely, and I am in favor of Joe Biden winning the election. The polls have been showing him in the lead, and so I am hopeful that […]

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Poppins Preview: North’s theater program prepares to bring the magic of Mary to the stage

By: Ananya Dondapati & Ananya Sathish This year, High School North’s spring musical is Mary Poppins. The cast has entered “hell week” as students now spend hours after school practicing the show in preparation for opening night on Thursday, February 27th. Rehearsals for this year’s spring musical are well underway and the show will undoubtedly be a highlight among the […]

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North’s Upper Dining Hall Keeps Kobe and Gigi’s Spirit Alive

By: Ananya Dondapati and Nona Saharan Tributes to Kobe and Gigi Bryant decorate the whiteboard in UDH. The drawings were originally started by Senior Marcus Sabian Santiago but other students have come forward and added their own contributions to the growing mural. Art by: Marcus Sabian Santiago (Kobe in black hat) and Ani  Two weeks after the private memorial service […]

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Wrestling Team Takes Down Expectations

By Kieran Sattiraju & Ismail Sy The WWP North wrestling team finished the Mercer County Championships with two third place individual fighters, Tim Glynn (pictured on the right) and Tom Zovich. Matt Moore (pictured on the left) finished in second place for his individual fight. Overall the team placed eighth out of fifteen total teams.  A few years ago there […]

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Britain just left the European Union. What’s next?

By: Edward Simon Cruz Flags from the United Kingdom and European Union wave in the wind outside of the UK Parliament Building. Photo Credit: On January 29, the European Parliament approved the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, commonly known as “Brexit”; the exit became official as of 11:00 p.m. local time on January 31, 2020. A transition period […]

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Legends Live Forever

By: Ismail Sy Photo credit: NBA News I was five years old, and I had just returned home from my first day of kindergarten. I finally got to see my mother again;  it felt like ages since I last saw her, even though the last time I saw her was when she dropped me off at school just that morning. […]

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Stitched with love: North teachers send pouches to Australian wildlife

By: Emma Gampper, Shivam Kapoor, Ranjini Krishnan, and Ananya Sathish Teachers Anita Stewart and Lorraine Sieben sit with some of the many pouches they have made for orphaned wildlife in Australia. Photo credit: Emma Gampper Australia has been ravaged by devastating wildfires since July 2019, destroying the homes of both people and animals. Many Americans are hopeless and wondering what they […]

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“Not Even Once” program comes to senior health classes

By: Shubham Saharan and Miriam Lubin   Last year alone, opioid overdoses claimed the lives of nearly 2,000 New Jersey residents—a number exceeding the population size of many small New Jersey towns (   To help combat this crisis, the Plainsboro Police Department has established a three day opioid education program, to be held in twelfth grade health classes at North.  […]

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“The Adding Machine” brings nuanced drama to North

By: Srinidhi Ananth and Neha Tailigeri On November 17, 18, and 19, North’s theatrical department will put on the year’s fall drama, “The Adding Machine,” by Elmer Rice.  Robert Corriveau, the co-advisor of the drama, describes “The Adding Machine” as a cautionary tale about machines replacing human labor in the workforce.  The protagonist Mr. Zero, played by Jon Watkins, is an accountant in the 1920s who spends his days sitting across from a woman called Daisy who he secretly loves.  However, Zero is suddenly laid off in favor of a much more efficient adding machine.  The drama follows Zero’s journey as he faces the consequences of his violent reaction to his replacement. Nicole Potenza, who plays Daisy, believes that this year […]