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The Art of Mask Buying During The Pandemic

By: Anusha Bapat Op-ed Editor The girl clothed in a graphic tee styled with her perfect set of baggy, black cargo pants stands patiently near the stop sign. She’s wearing a mask screaming “VOTE” in big, bold, cream white letters extending all the way from the top of the mask to the bottom of it. Her confident pose, her expression, […]

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Sweet Sixteens During Bitter Times

By: Tanika Mally Arts & Review Editor Just last year if you were to ask me how I would celebrate my sweet sixteen, I probably would have responded by describing the typically lavish or extravagant celebration, most likely a large party with lots of people in attendance.  Now, in the midst of a pandemic and after a highly tense and […]

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Knights of the Round Table: Redefining Homecoming

Homecoming Court 2020-2021 (left to right, top to bottom) Parinita Nautiyal, Makenna Katz, Ishaan Pandya, Caleb Birnbaum, Caroline Corriveau, Micheal Wu, Rishad Hasan, Sonia Balakrishnan, Anastasia Elfar, Max Lasky, William Dory, Olivia Solis, Asquith Clarke II, Nana Acheampong, Sophie Pirrera Each year, homecoming week culminates with the crowning of a king and queen. However this tradition has become outmoded and […]

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Katherine Johnson and Her Impact on Space and STEM

By: Tanika Mally They say to shoot for the stars, but Katherine Johnson shot for the moon instead. Breaking through the gender and racial barriers in the segregated South during the early 1960s, Johnson was responsible for the successful landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, as well as its safe return. Equipped with her exceptionally adept mathematical mind and […]