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Sweet Sixteens During Bitter Times

Tanika Mally Arts & Review Editor Just last year if you were to ask me how I would celebrate my sweet sixteen, I probably would have responded by describing the typically lavish or extravagant celebration, most likely a large party with lots of people in attendance.  Now, in the midst of a pandemic and after a highly tense and stressful […]

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No More Mid-Day Pancakes: A Day in the Life of a Hybrid Student

By Natalie Leung Staff Writer No More Mid-Day Pancakes At exactly 6:30 a.m., I hear the excruciating sound of my alarm clock, signaling the ever so dreaded time of the day; when I have to get ready for school. Something about it is still quite unsettling, as it’s been almost half a year since I’ve done so. Nevertheless, the morning rush of a school day never seems to disappoint, as I somehow always find myself rushing out the door, grabbing whatever granola bar I can find that morning — quite a contrast to the mid-day homemade pancakes I’ve grown accustomed to waking up to.  Another strange aspect of this year is that instead of taking the bus to and from […]

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Katherine Johnson and Her Impact on Space and STEM

By: Tanika Mally They say to shoot for the stars, but Katherine Johnson shot for the moon instead. Breaking through the gender and racial barriers in the segregated South during the early 1960s, Johnson was responsible for the successful landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, as well as its safe return. Equipped with her exceptionally adept mathematical mind and desire to go above and beyond, Johnson racked up an impressive amount of accomplishments. From calculating trajectories and launch windows for the first American in space, to computing emergency paths for the first American to orbit the Earth, Johnson has numerous, remarkable achievements throughout her career. In 2015, Johnson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom- the highest civilian award […]

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“One Day at a Time,” a show about finding solace in each other

By: Edward Simon Cruz With people stuck at home, more people are on Netflix and other streaming services. As shows like Love is Blind and Tiger King took the Internet by storm, I revisited an old, under-appreciated gem. Netflix cancelled One Day at a Time last year, but the show’s small but loyal following prompted the cable network Pop TV to pick it up for a fourth season. It’s a television sitcom, sure, and it uses one of those studio audiences that laughs after almost every joke. But to its credit, the audience never overdoes it in their reactions; in fact, their silence punctuates the show’s more tender moments, making them all the more heartbreaking. One Day at a Time […]

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Artifacts of our time in quarantine

With all the time we’re spending in our homes now during quarantine, we thought it fitting to share different aspects of our lives during this period in an effort to stay connected and share experiences. Each week, we will share new artifacts: One aspect of this pandemic situation for me would be the life at home that I now have. […]

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Legends Live Forever

By: Ismail Sy Photo credit: NBA News I was five years old, and I had just returned home from my first day of kindergarten. I finally got to see my mother again;  it felt like ages since I last saw her, even though the last time I saw her was when she dropped me off at school just that morning. […]

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Stitched with love: North teachers send pouches to Australian wildlife

By: Emma Gampper, Shivam Kapoor, Ranjini Krishnan, and Ananya Sathish Teachers Anita Stewart and Lorraine Sieben sit with some of the many pouches they have made for orphaned wildlife in Australia. Photo credit: Emma Gampper Australia has been ravaged by devastating wildfires since July 2019, destroying the homes of both people and animals. Many Americans are hopeless and wondering what they […]

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Starting the “Roaring 20s” off right with HSN’s 18th annual Swing Dance competition

By: Raymond Chang, Emma Gampper, and Ananya Sathish Featured photo credit: Hiran Shyamsundar On the left, first place winners Aashika Mehta and Reuben Abilius perform their routine. On the right, second place winners Kush Bansal and Chihana Lloyd perform. Video credit: Hiran Shyamsundar On Friday, January 17th, jazz filled the air and electrified the hearts of students and faculty alike […]

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Northern Knights victorious over South’s Pirates

By: Raymond Chang, Ananya Dondapati, Emma Gampper, Megan Leung, and Aashika Mehta Photo credit: Raymond Chang Last night, at their home pool, the Northern Knights Girls’ and Boys’ swim teams defeated their cross-town rivals, South’s Pirates, by more than just a few strokes. The girls’ team won with a final score of 101-69 and the boys’ team won with a […]