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Category: Covid Diaries

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Swimming During the Pandemic

By: Natalie Leung Staff Writer As everything familiar around me began to shut down early March of this year, I was excited to finally have a break from the rigorous training schedule I had endured for the past six months of the winter swim season. Although, as the unexpected months of quarantine slowly trudged on, I felt a desire to […]

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Running a half marathon during Covid

By: Aaditya Saharan Staff Writer In 2019, if you were to ask me if I wanted to do another half marathon next year, my answer would 100% be a yes. With all the excitement, anxiety, and a big audience, completing the Princeton half marathon was one of the most rewarding things that I’ve ever done in my life. Now, amid […]

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Sports starting during the pandemic

By: Kieran Sattiraju Assistant News Editor I still remember the day the world stopped. The sports seasons came to a screeching halt, and the pillars of our society seemed to collapse. The world was shocked to witness the cancellation of the NBA season, March Madness, and suspension of the 2020 MLB season. I remember the months leading up to the […]

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Sweet Sixteens During Bitter Times

By: Tanika Mally Arts & Review Editor Just last year if you were to ask me how I would celebrate my sweet sixteen, I probably would have responded by describing the typically lavish or extravagant celebration, most likely a large party with lots of people in attendance.  Now, in the midst of a pandemic and after a highly tense and […]

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College applications in the pandemic

By: Josh Chait Editor-in-Chief It is completely safe to say that my expectations about applying to college were shattered by the pandemic. I never expected, when I first began my Junior year of high school, that I would be unable to visit any college campuses. I never expected that the closest I would get to meeting a college representative would […]