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Swimming During the Pandemic

By: Natalie Leung Staff Writer As everything familiar around me began to shut down early March of this year, I was excited to finally have a break from the rigorous training schedule I had endured for the past six months of the winter swim season. Although, as the unexpected months of quarantine slowly trudged on, I felt a desire to feel the cool, crisp water of a swimming pool—a desire that I haven’t felt in years. It must be true that you only miss the things you can’t have.  Swimming is one of the few sports that are at an advantage during a pandemic, as we are able to social distance, along with the element of being surrounded by chlorinated […]

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Sweet Sixteens During Bitter Times

Tanika Mally Arts & Review Editor Just last year if you were to ask me how I would celebrate my sweet sixteen, I probably would have responded by describing the typically lavish or extravagant celebration, most likely a large party with lots of people in attendance.  Now, in the midst of a pandemic and after a highly tense and stressful […]