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The Power Of Fiction

Staff Writer: Pooja Narayan Opinion Editor: Anusha Bapat By scrolling through just a few Google searches, one can find numerous childcare blogs dedicated to persuading children to read nonfiction. Suggestions […]

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Explaining the “Pink Tax”

There are many women in our country who don’t have the means to buy their own menstrual hygiene products, simply because of their gender. In certain states, menstrual hygiene products and other products targeted towards women are highly taxed; called the “pink” or “tampon tax,” these items are priced this way because they are meant for women. This pricing displays the blatant sexism within our state governments which must be rectified.

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NDAA Ends ‘Pink Tax’, Revising Disproportionate Military Expenses for Women; Attributed to Sexism; What Can We Expect Moving Forward?

As the ‘pink tax’ plagues the shelves of American shoppers, questions arise in regards to how extensive this mass spread phenomenon has become. With feminine presenting packaging, products, and marketing, women across the United States are left wondering: What has changed? What can we expect moving forward?

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The Red Cross Crisis

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, there has been a 10% decline in the number of people who were donating blood to the Red Cross, foreshadowing the Red Cross announcement in January that they were experiencing a major blood donation shortage for the first time.

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Paris Hilton’s Call to Action

From a young age, Hilton used partying and drugs as a distraction from bullying at her school in New York. This behavior concerned her parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton, who sent the heiress to multiple “emotional growth schools” for troubled children. In This is Paris, Hilton’s auto-documentary, she recollects how at age 15 she was kidnapped from her bedroom in the middle of the night. Screaming and fighting, she was dragged out of her house by two men—all while her parents watched her. This parent-approved kidnapping was only the beginning of what Paris had to endure at the reform schools she ended up attending. 

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Why Album Covers Matter

Representing a part of your life’s work through a square-shaped visual art piece is an immensely enormous task. Do it right, and your album cover could stand recognizably alongside your music. It could forever be associated with you and your personality, work and career. Do it wrong, however, and it could ruin your entire album.

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How Taylor Swift Reclaimed Her Name – A Deep Dive into the (Taylor’s Version) Re-Recordings

“Essentially, my musical legacy is about to lie in the hands of someone who tried to dismantle it.¨ Taylor Swift is indefinitely one of the most influential pop icons of the 21st century. With eleven albums, thirty-two Grammy nominations, and eleven wins, Swift has truly proved herself to be the artist of the decade. Whether you are the forced radio listener, casual swiftie, or die-hard, screw Jake Gylennhal, give-it-all-up-for-Blondie type of fan, you’ve probably listened to Swift’s popular songs. However, behind Swift’s fame is a dark truth: Swift currently has no rights over her music.

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Columbia University’s Graduation “Scandal”

Given the special circumstances formed by the pandemic, Columbia University seized on the opportunity to implement temporary changes to their graduation ceremonies. In the spring of 2021, the University announced that it would be holding separate graduations for Black, Latino, Native American, and LGBTQ+ students. Almost immediately, prominent news channels such as Fox News jumped in with negative commentary on the decision.