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North’s SAASA Club Trades the Stage and Spotlight for Zoom Calls and Bluelight

By Ria Prasad Staff Writer The South Asian American Student Association, more commonly known as SAASA, is one of High School North’s most populous clubs. Every Memorial Day weekend, 300 students from all different ethnicities come together to put on performances showcasing a year’s worth of effort and practice. For the safety of the staff and students involved, however, the […]

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Sports starting during the pandemic

By: Kieran Sattiraju Assistant News Editor I still remember the day the world stopped. The sports seasons came to a screeching halt, and the pillars of our society seemed to collapse. The world was shocked to witness the cancellation of the NBA season, March Madness, and suspension of the 2020 MLB season. I remember the months leading up to the […]

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Bob Woodward: A hero or a villain?

By: Anusha Bapat Opinion Editor Natalie Leung Staff Writer Associate editor of the Washington Post, investigative journalist, and a writer of thirteen top-selling novels: does this description sound familiar? Let’s rephrase it a little. Bob Woodward, the same journalist of the Washington Post who broke Watergate, released tapes exposing Donald J. Trump’s admission of knowledge regarding the severity of the […]

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Small Step Loans Launches Mid-Covid

Natalie Leung Staff Writer For all interested in combining finance and community service, Small Step Loans, a new club in West Windsor-Plainsboro launched this past August, is a perfect opportunity to get involved in giving back to those struggling around the world. Small Step Loans is a student-led organization that involves microfinancing, a form of banking service provided to unemployed […]

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A Deep Dive Into North’s Gay-Straight Alliance: Quarantine Edition

Aaditya Saharan Staff Writer COVID-19  has drastically impacted the way that High School North is conducting school this year. Students log on to Zoom from their computers every day. In-school teachers are greeted with near-empty classrooms every morning. And club officers have struggled to keep their groups active from their houses.  Indeed, the pandemic has impacted the operation of the […]

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The Art of Mask Buying During The Pandemic

By: Anusha Bapat Op-ed Editor The girl clothed in a graphic tee styled with her perfect set of baggy, black cargo pants stands patiently near the stop sign. She’s wearing a mask screaming “VOTE” in big, bold, cream white letters extending all the way from the top of the mask to the bottom of it. Her confident pose, her expression, […]