By Aryan Virmani, Staff Writer 

The RTX 3070 from Nvidia launched last year in October but it has been really hard to get your hands on it. The 3070 is a graphics card that is put inside of PCs or laptops to display your computer on a monitor. Graphics cards are much more powerful than what a laptop with integrated graphics comes with. They can be used to play video games, do very powerful rendering, video editing, anything creative on a computer. You can buy it standalone and put it in your PC by yourself, or you could buy a PC with the card or a laptop that just comes with it. This card is part of the new 30 series cards. This card is great for people on a good budget of about $1500 for a PC coming at $499. The performance of this graphics card is hard to beat. The 3070 delivers the same performance that the 2080TI did last generation, which was a whooping $1299. For a fraction of the price of the 2080TI, you are essentially getting the same card. This card is a great option for people who might be looking to get into PC gaming or wanting to upgrade their PC. 

Now don’t get your hopes of getting this card. There is a silicon shortage and because of that production of graphics card has gone down. Also the demand for PC gaming parts is at an all time high. I was very lucky to get one from the brick and mortar store Micro Center, which specialises in PC gaming and parts. I got the EVGA XC3 Ultra version which is one of the best versions available. See pictures attached below. On average at all ultra settings at 1080p you can get about 140-160 frames. See picture attached below for benchmarks for some popular games. This is a great card for people looking to play competitively in multiplayer games or to play story-based games. This card still has great performance with RTX on making it very good for people who like to play story mode games. For these reasons the RTX 3070 is a great graphics card.                 

Credit for image:  Tweaktown
Photo by Aryan Virmani

Featured Image from Tweaktown

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