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Reverse Racism: Can All Races Be Racist?

For decades, the concept of white superiority has been made abundantly clear to people of color. Racial bias permeates the most basic foundations of our country: from our criminal justice system to corporate America to educational institutions. But who can be racist? And who can be a victim of racism? 

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How TikTok is ruining our generation

Between Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and many other social media platforms, it seems as if “staying connected” went from phone calls to ‘liked’ posts. During these solitary times, social media usage has spiked by around 9%, and while that doesn’t seem like a huge number, it means there were 298 million new social media users during 2020.

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Bob Woodward: A hero or a villain?

Associate editor of the Washington Post, investigative journalist, and a writer of thirteen top-selling novels: does this description sound familiar? Let’s rephrase it a little. Bob Woodward, the same journalist of the Washington Post who broke Watergate, released tapes exposing Donald J. Trump’s admission of knowledge regarding the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic on September 10th after having them for several months.

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On reading 100 books in a year

By: Emma Gampper Believe it or not, I actually haven’t read a book that wasn’t required by the school for about a year and a half. It’s rather ironic, considering I’ve branded myself as the bookish, well-read girl. My lack of reading becomes even more ironic if you take into account the fact that I work at a book store. […]

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I cried a lot this summer.

By: Sarah Hudes Summer of 2017 brought memories, laughter, and good times, but it also brought  lots of tears.  Yes, tears; as in the product of crying, weeping, sobbing, bawling, laughing, yawning too hard, etc.  These are the reasons why I’ve cried this summer.  Please feel free to laugh at, cry with, and/or feel sorry for me.  Hopefully some of […]