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On reading 100 books in a year

By: Emma Gampper Believe it or not, I actually haven’t read a book that wasn’t required by the school for about a year and a half. It’s rather ironic, considering I’ve branded myself as the bookish, well-read girl. My lack of reading becomes even more ironic if you take into account the fact that I work at a book store. […]

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I cried a lot this summer.

By: Sarah Hudes Summer of 2017 brought memories, laughter, and good times, but it also brought  lots of tears.  Yes, tears; as in the product of crying, weeping, sobbing, bawling, laughing, yawning too hard, etc.  These are the reasons why I’ve cried this summer.  Please feel free to laugh at, cry with, and/or feel sorry for me.  Hopefully some of […]

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The nine circles of scheduling hell

By: Sarah Hudes Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy tells the story of Dante’s journey through hell, where he must pass through its nine different circles. 1st Circle of Hell: Summer It is 4:32 PM on August 26th, and it is your first time logging onto Genesis since late June.  An intense rush of vehement hatred comes over you as you remember […]

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Where trends go to die

By: Sarah Hudes What if I told you that the shirt you are wearing right now was stitched together by the hands of suffering child laborers in Bangladesh?  Or that your favorite clothing store produces their clothes in dangerous garment factories in Cambodia?  Would you rethink where you bought your clothes? While our morality answers yes, people still continue buying […]

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Get over yourself, honey

It’s nothing groundbreaking to say that there is value in failure. It builds character, thickens our skin, tells us when to strive higher. But in our valiant efforts to promote positive self-image we have instilled the belief in children that they can’t fail.

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Millennials: Caring about nothing since 2000

As of right now (Eastern Standard Time), I do not give the school permission to give me a B.  Oh, and since I declared it in writing, it’s totally true.  Unfortunately, this is not how the world works.  And even more unfortunately for Facebook users, you were all part of a stupid rumor. Recently, numerous teenage Facebook users posted a […]

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CNN Debate Takeways

The Amateurs CNN Audience – Within the opening few minutes of the debate the CNN audience proved that for them, this debate was meaningless. Lincoln Chafee offered up the first two minute personal description, and I’m sure somewhere his campaign manager was ecstatic. Chaffee delivered the near perfect formula for a 2016 Democrat: he smoothly delivered his political background, including […]