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I cried a lot this summer.

By: Sarah Hudes Summer of 2017 brought memories, laughter, and good times, but it also brought  lots of tears.  Yes, tears; as in the product of crying, weeping, sobbing, bawling, laughing, yawning too hard, etc.  These are the reasons why I’ve cried this summer.  Please feel free to laugh at, cry with, and/or feel sorry for me.  Hopefully some of you can relate to these experiences.   I cried because I realized I didn’t know how to properly hug.  Actually, it was more of the realization that all the hugs I have given in the past have been inadequate that made me cry.* I cried after I read a summer reading essay for AP Lang.  It was Joan Didion’s “Goodbye […]

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Corruption, and No Conviction

By: Megan Leung   Eric Garner.  Michael Brown.  Tamir Rice.  Shamere Collins.  Erica Noonan.  Sean Bell.  Alton Sterling.  Over the course of the last ten months, 949 Americans have been killed by uniform-wearing policemen ( Whether it be sexual misconduct, planting of evidence, use of excessive force, or false arrest, police malpractice is occurring with troubling frequency and little consequence. […]

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Land of the free, or land of the lies?

By: Elizabeth Jamison   Ever since Donald Trump became president, he has made decisions, such as the ending of DACA, that have marginalized many minorities.  The “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” or “DACA,” was a temporary program put in place by President Obama in 2012, that allows Dreamers to come forward, pass a background check, and apply for work permits […]

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The nine circles of scheduling hell

By: Sarah Hudes Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy tells the story of Dante’s journey through hell, where he must pass through its nine different circles. 1st Circle of Hell: Summer It is 4:32 PM on August 26th, and it is your first time logging onto Genesis since late June.  An intense rush of vehement hatred comes over you as you remember the hazy spell of distress school causes.  Your schedule appears on your looming screen, and you let out a sharp shriek as you realize you have Mr. Inferno for language arts.  I have got to get out of this class even if it’s the last thing I do, you think somberly.  The one-week wait until the first day of school […]

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Where trends go to die

By: Sarah Hudes What if I told you that the shirt you are wearing right now was stitched together by the hands of suffering child laborers in Bangladesh?  Or that your favorite clothing store produces their clothes in dangerous garment factories in Cambodia?  Would you rethink where you bought your clothes? While our morality answers yes, people still continue buying clothes produced by underpaid labor.  Because of these clothes’ alluringly low price tags, most people are able to block out of their minds the cold hard facts—innocent human beings are suffering.  People are inherently selfish; it is human nature to be more inclined to care about their own lives than others.  Regardless, it is unacceptable to risk human lives in […]

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The showdown: Clinton vs. Trump round one

By: Bharati Ganesh     The first Presidential debate of the 2016 election season was held on September 26  at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.  Media coverage of the debate was incessant, and millions of viewers tuned  in.  Here is a roundup of some memorable and interesting moments from the debate. Donald Trump defends birtherism Moderator Lester Holt asked […]

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Get over yourself, honey

It’s nothing groundbreaking to say that there is value in failure. It builds character, thickens our skin, tells us when to strive higher. But in our valiant efforts to promote positive self-image we have instilled the belief in children that they can’t fail.

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Millennials: Caring about nothing since 2000

As of right now (Eastern Standard Time), I do not give the school permission to give me a B.  Oh, and since I declared it in writing, it’s totally true.  Unfortunately, this is not how the world works.  And even more unfortunately for Facebook users, you were all part of a stupid rumor. Recently, numerous teenage Facebook users posted a status saying that, by posting this status, Facebook has no right to use or distribute the information within that profile.  Clearly, people don’t actually read this message before they post it because, if they did, they’d probably understand why it’s stupid all the way through. The posts begin by stating the date and time the user posted this status—a strong […]

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Finally removing finals

Unlike most students, I never minded taking big exams—it was a necessary evil.  And I never questioned why we took them because I had been doing it my whole life.  But is there really any reason we take them in high school? Most argue we take finals for college preparedness and to confirm general understanding of the course, but isn’t […]

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CNN Debate Takeways

The Amateurs CNN Audience – Within the opening few minutes of the debate the CNN audience proved that for them, this debate was meaningless. Lincoln Chafee offered up the first two minute personal description, and I’m sure somewhere his campaign manager was ecstatic. Chaffee delivered the near perfect formula for a 2016 Democrat: he smoothly delivered his political background, including his votes against Bush-Cheney tax reforms, and set out his own ideas on the environment, staying out of wars, and solving income inequality. The audience rewarded this call for liberal action with a brief, lukewarm applause, possibly matched only by those given to Webb and O’Malley after their two minutes. Of course, Chaffee has not been polling well, with under […]

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Facts on Illegal Immigration

If you’ve been paying attention to the politics of the contenders for your vote in 2016, or perhaps if you have inadvertently heard their politics, illegal immigration is dominating debates and stump speeches alike. This topic, unlike many other political issues, is fairly easy to understand, and for many immigrants or those natives with immigrant lineage, it can turn into […]

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HAP course should be an honors class

By Elise Gorberg and Gabriel Yoder Shenk Last year, when we scheduled our science classes, we had the option to take either an AP class or a regular class.  We didn’t want to take an AP class, because we suspected it would turn an otherwise manageable academic calendar into a struggle to stay afloat.   Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP), on […]

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How one of the country’s least notable states made national headlines: Indiana and discrimination

There are a lot of bad things about capitalism. It’s an economic philosophy that produces winners and inevitably losers, which is a hard pill to swallow, especially when the minimum wage is not a living wage. One of the benefits of capitalism, however, is that it encourages democracy; it is self-motivating, and gives little reason to discriminate against consumers. Or so […]

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Challenging the CMS dress code: why we should encourage young feminists to stand up for their rights

The other day, my mom said she was disappointed with how little feminism she sees nowadays.  A feminist myself, I argued; “It’s different now, but it’s still here.”  The culture of feminism has changed, and the focus, which is still of course aimed in equal proportion to equality in politics and in the workplace, is focused on the sexual liberation […]