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Never Have I Ever Sound Off

By: Ananya Donapati and Edward Simon Cruz Never Have I Ever is a Netflix comedy series that was released on April 27 and was created by Mindy Kaling. It centers around the sophomore year of Devi Vishwakumar, who deals with her dad’s recent death and is recovering from being paralyzed for three months. Devi pines for Paxton Hall-Yoshida, a hot junior, while handling relationships with her archrival Ben Gross and her friends Eleanor and Fabiola. The show also explores Devi’s home life with her mother Nalini and cousin Kamala. The show has represented a step forward in Hollywood representation. We decided to not just review the show but explore the role that culture plays within.   Ananya: The show itself […]

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Sydney Vogel Seizes Victory

By: Josh Chait & Ismail Sy A brilliant multi-season athlete—having played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse since her freshman year—senior Sydney Vogel has transcended any reasonable expectations for a high school athlete. Last year, along with key lacrosse players Jillian Pelosi and Maria Tello, Vogel led the lacrosse team to the semifinals of the Mercer County Tournament and helped defeat the […]

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On reading 100 books in a year

By: Emma Gampper Believe it or not, I actually haven’t read a book that wasn’t required by the school for about a year and a half. It’s rather ironic, considering I’ve branded myself as the bookish, well-read girl. My lack of reading becomes even more ironic if you take into account the fact that I work at a book store. But between the amount of homework I receive and the almost formulaic way school shoves book after book down our throats, I’ve found myself having a lack of motivation when it comes to reading in my free time––which is why I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and try to read 100 books in 2020. Reading 100 books […]

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Poppins Preview: North’s theater program prepares to bring the magic of Mary to the stage

By: Ananya Dondapati & Ananya Sathish This year, High School North’s spring musical is Mary Poppins. The cast has entered “hell week” as students now spend hours after school practicing the show in preparation for opening night on Thursday, February 27th. Rehearsals for this year’s spring musical are well underway and the show will undoubtedly be a highlight among the […]

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North’s Upper Dining Hall Keeps Kobe and Gigi’s Spirit Alive

By: Ananya Dondapati and Nona Saharan Tributes to Kobe and Gigi Bryant decorate the whiteboard in UDH. The drawings were originally started by Senior Marcus Sabian Santiago but other students have come forward and added their own contributions to the growing mural. Art by: Marcus Sabian Santiago (Kobe in black hat) and Ani  Two weeks after the private memorial service […]

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Wrestling Team Takes Down Expectations

By Kieran Sattiraju & Ismail Sy The WWP North wrestling team finished the Mercer County Championships with two third place individual fighters, Tim Glynn (pictured on the right) and Tom Zovich. Matt Moore (pictured on the left) finished in second place for his individual fight. Overall the team placed eighth out of fifteen total teams.  A few years ago there […]

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Britain just left the European Union. What’s next?

By: Edward Simon Cruz Flags from the United Kingdom and European Union wave in the wind outside of the UK Parliament Building. Photo Credit: On January 29, the European Parliament approved the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, commonly known as “Brexit”; the exit became official as of 11:00 p.m. local time on January 31, 2020. A transition period […]

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A look at the 2020 Grammys Red Carpet

And the worst dressed goes to… By: Ranjini Krishnan and Ananya Sathish Every year, the red carpet at the Grammy awards serves as a runway for celebrities to showcase their style. This year’s looks, however, were met with criticism and disappointment by many fans and members of the general public, and we’re here to confirm that we agree. 18-year-old Billie […]

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Legends Live Forever

By: Ismail Sy Photo credit: NBA News I was five years old, and I had just returned home from my first day of kindergarten. I finally got to see my mother again;  it felt like ages since I last saw her, even though the last time I saw her was when she dropped me off at school just that morning. […]

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Northern Knights victorious over South’s Pirates

By: Raymond Chang, Ananya Dondapati, Emma Gampper, Megan Leung, and Aashika Mehta Photo credit: Raymond Chang Last night, at their home pool, the Northern Knights Girls’ and Boys’ swim teams defeated their cross-town rivals, South’s Pirates, by more than just a few strokes. The girls’ team won with a final score of 101-69 and the boys’ team won with a […]

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After latest setback, Patel reveals reasons for non-renewal

The contract of North art teacher Nishan Patel will not be renewed, despite impassioned pleas from students and parents, a list posted on WW-P’s website yesterday afternoon confirms. The list, which names the untenured teachers whom WW-P Superintendent David Aderhold will recommend for contract renewals at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, does not include Patel’s name. Patel told students about his […]

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The least magical fantasy: Bone Gap

It should’ve been charming.  A boy called Moonface.  Corn that whispers.  A goat that chews everything.  Bone Gap, by Laura Ruby, had so much potential to be a lovable and quirky book, but it ultimately falls flat due to its poor execution. In the gossipy small town of Bone Gap, people always seem to disappear.  So when Roza disappears,  no […]

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North baseball left swinging and missing by nature’s curveball

As the calendar turns to early April, North’s spring sports teams begin a long season ahead.  Unfortunately, mother nature has followed her own itinerary, leaving piles of snow tossed across grass fields as North baseball players prepare to return to the diamond. “We haven’t been on our field yet because winter doesn’t seem like it wants to go away,” varsity baseball […]

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Five weird things that happened this week

—by Danielle Brubaker & Emma Killeen— Chuck E. Cheese employee gets attacked by adults I always knew there was something sketchy about Chuck E. Cheese, and this week’s news has finally proven me right. During her child’s birthday party, a mother went to complain about a broken photo booth. After he told her he would help her shortly, the woman’s boyfriend […]

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District administrators grapple with local opposition to PARCC exam

One hundred thirty-eight West Windsor-Plainsboro students, less than two percent of eligible test-takers in grades 3 to 11, have opted out of the first phase of a new national standardized test, amid nationwide controversy about the exam’s educational merit.  As of March 8, 16 North students and 39 South students had opted out. The PARCC—a two-part assessment designed by the […]

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—By Fariha Tamboli, Diana Tang, and Lei Lei Wu— 5 Quick Facts: The dress is actually black and blue. The trend started on February 26, 2015. The dress is from the British retailer Roman Originals. The colors that we see are based on the lighting in which we view the dress and its surroundings. The dress is ugly. Alex from […]