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How Undecided Voters Can Learn From Gen Z

By: Ria Prasad As November 3rd approaches, undecided voters are left with a few days to make their choice. In a “normal” election year the stakes would not be as high as a global pandemic, the replacement of a Supreme Court justice, and ending institutional systemic racism, among other pressing issues. In a “normal” election year, the static demographic of non voters would consist largely of American youth. However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that this is by no means a normal election year.  The Pew Research Center predicts that Millennials and Generation Z are expected to count for one in every ten votes in the upcoming election. In mainstream media, these generations are often referred to […]

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Britain just left the European Union. What’s next?

By: Edward Simon Cruz Flags from the United Kingdom and European Union wave in the wind outside of the UK Parliament Building. Photo Credit: On January 29, the European Parliament approved the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, commonly known as “Brexit”; the exit became official as of 11:00 p.m. local time on January 31, 2020. A transition period […]

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The nine circles of scheduling hell

By: Sarah Hudes Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy tells the story of Dante’s journey through hell, where he must pass through its nine different circles. 1st Circle of Hell: Summer It is 4:32 PM on August 26th, and it is your first time logging onto Genesis since late June.  An intense rush of vehement hatred comes over you as you remember the hazy spell of distress school causes.  Your schedule appears on your looming screen, and you let out a sharp shriek as you realize you have Mr. Inferno for language arts.  I have got to get out of this class even if it’s the last thing I do, you think somberly.  The one-week wait until the first day of school […]

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North ranks second in the state

By: Lei Lei Wu and Shaun Robinson   In its September 2016 issue, New Jersey Monthly Magazine released its biennial state high school rankings.  North came in at number 2 on the Top 100 list, out of a total 337 public high schools in New Jersey. However, this year the magazine changed its ranking criteria.  They considered, for the first time, student participation in visual and performing arts classes.  Additionally, the magazine looked at, according to, “the percentage [of students] taking an AP or IB class of any kind,” as opposed to the number taking an AP class in solely math, science, social studies, or English. With North’s extensive music and art programs, as well as the popularity of […]

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Senator Cory Booker featured at New Jersey kickoff of Hillary headquarters

  Bharati Ganesh On September 18, hundreds of supporters congregated in Princeton for the grand opening of the Hillary for New Jersey State Headquarters.  People talked excitedly among themselves and looked around, hoping to catch glimpses of local representatives.  The “H” logo was plastered on shirts, hats, bags, and faces. The kickoff was organized by the Princeton Community Democratic Organization […]

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Cafeteria introduces new changes with lunch trays, halal options

From scanners in the Lower Dining Hall to a new running track, change has been everywhere this school year.  The cafeteria wasn’t unaffected—over the summer, the district and Sodexo, WW-P’s food managing company, worked toward improving lunch options.  In previous years, students had new options of Boar’s Head sandwiches and soup;  the school now provides biodegradable instead of Styrofoam lunch trays and supplies halal meat for students on certain days of the week. At the end of last year, Sodexo began to use new vendors to provide halal meat in the cafeteria for Muslim students.  For Anthony Kowalak, the Sodexo Operations Manager for WW-P, the changes regarding halal meat balance the need to be considerate of students’ dietary restrictions and […]

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Hidden treasures of the Plainsboro Public Library

By: Sarah Hudes Last year, a plan was proposed to further develop the library to increase its appeal to teens and the older demographic. The goals of the plan were to, “expand the library’s role in creating a vibrant cultural, civic, and learning environment, increase community use and engagement with the library,” and to “ensure long-term sustainability and a healthy […]

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New faces at North

The first day of school at WW-P does not only apply to the freshmen. Meet the new staff, get interested in new subjects offered at school, and learn a bit mroe about the new faces of North. Christine Cabarle                                           […]

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Accountability, or a lack of trust?

Students look forward to experiencing the freedom of senior year—driving to school, missing morning or afternoon study halls, and squeezing as much out of the forty minutes of lunch as they can.  However, this year’s seniors walked into their first lower dining hall and were met with an unfamiliar adversary.  It wasn’t college applications; it wasn’t the workload of first semester.  It was a strange scanning device sitting on the table. These new scanners are an implementation of a Genesis feature called Turnstile, which helps the school on two fronts.  First, the system allows the administration to know where students are at any point during the day based on where they scan their student ID’s.  As of now, this includes […]

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New York Fashion Week 2016: A story of diversity

From furry fingernails to dreadlocks made of yarn, the New York Fashion Week has consistently showcased innovative and unique designs at the forefront of fashion.  This year, however, there were two especially interesting and unique features: the first collection with hijabs, or traditional headscarves and the first model who is a victim of an acid attacks. Designers and models alike […]

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Addressing Dr. Aderhold’s reforms

When superintendent David Aderhold’s letter was posted to the district website, the school was abuzz with discussion and intense debate—but for no more than a few days. It isn’t hard to see why, since most of the changes mentioned in the letter hardly impact high school students at all. While statistics in the letter show that high schoolers are clearly […]

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Despite rumors, HSN architect never designed prisons

“[North] is organized how an inmate’s holding area would look like,” senior Connor Munsch said. “Although the school tried to spruce it up with words on the walls and paintings here and there, it’s still pretty depressing to the eye.” The rumor that North’s architect is a prison designer has existed for at least a decade, according to senior Mathangi […]

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The American Sniper roundtable

—By Michael Bamford, Zehra Madhavan, & Hannah Mitlak— Based on American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History and directed by the acclaimed Clint Eastwood, American Sniper follows Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL sniper during the Iraq War.  Bradley Cooper takes on the role of the deadliest marksmen in American military history, portraying everything from […]