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Hopes and fears: The Knightly News sounds off on the presidential election

By: Knightly News Staff We asked the members of The Knightly News: How are you feeling about the impending election? Though none of the members will be able to vote this year, we still have a range of opinions on the various developments in one of the most hectic cycles in recent memory. Some were worried about the potential for a low voter turnout, whether due to complacency, apathy, or voter suppression. Natalie Leung: The best way to describe how I feel about the impending election is ambivalent. I follow the election pretty closely, and I am in favor of Joe Biden winning the election. The polls have been showing him in the lead, and so I am hopeful that […]

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How Undecided Voters Can Learn From Gen Z

By: Ria Prasad As November 3rd approaches, undecided voters are left with a few days to make their choice. In a “normal” election year the stakes would not be as high as a global pandemic, the replacement of a Supreme Court justice, and ending institutional systemic racism, among other pressing issues. In a “normal” election year, the static demographic of non voters would consist largely of American youth. However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that this is by no means a normal election year.  The Pew Research Center predicts that Millennials and Generation Z are expected to count for one in every ten votes in the upcoming election. In mainstream media, these generations are often referred to […]