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The Stigma Towards Mental Health in Asian Communities

The thoughts and feelings our Asian-American sophomores are displaying are overwhelmingly similar. With all reporting some form of a stigma towards mental health in the Asian community, many North students indicate feeling as though their mental health is not prioritised enough. With this in mind, perhaps there is a larger issue at hand: cultural factors are influencing the way children view their mental health and its importance. 

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What does COVID mean for the SATs?

Due to the current pandemic, the future of the SAT is being threatened. The on-going quarantine has opened up a window of inspection for the real purpose of SAT scores in college applications. As of right now, since many people are uncomfortable going out to attend test sessions, plenty of colleges have turned the requirement of standardized test scores into an optional choice or have gone “test-blind”. 

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How Undecided Voters Can Learn From Gen Z

By: Ria Prasad As November 3rd approaches, undecided voters are left with a few days to make their choice. In a “normal” election year the stakes would not be as high as a global pandemic, the replacement of a Supreme Court justice, and ending institutional systemic racism, among other pressing issues. In a “normal” election year, the static demographic of non voters would consist largely of American youth. However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that this is by no means a normal election year.  The Pew Research Center predicts that Millennials and Generation Z are expected to count for one in every ten votes in the upcoming election. In mainstream media, these generations are often referred to […]

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Defending fencing champion: Ananya Parashar

By: Josh Chait & Anusha Bapat Parashar, who “always knows how to make the team laugh,”  takes a fighting stance as she prepares to duel a teammate. Photo credit: Senior Ananya Parashar captains the girl’s saber squad; a renowned veteran fencer, she was the recipient of the sportsmanship award in her sophomore year. Despite her evident affinity for the sport, […]

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Ahmed Elmogi: Off the track

By: Ananya Dondapati & Nona Saharan All-American sprinter Ahmed Elmogi runs in a meet. Individually, Elmogi holds  the 400 meter dash school record. Provided by: Ahmed Elmogi Success is no stranger for Senior Ahmed Elmogi, an athlete on North’s soccer and track teams. The Johns Hopkins commit has broken multiple school records, and just this past season has become an All- […]

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Poppins Preview: North’s theater program prepares to bring the magic of Mary to the stage

By: Ananya Dondapati & Ananya Sathish This year, High School North’s spring musical is Mary Poppins. The cast has entered “hell week” as students now spend hours after school practicing the show in preparation for opening night on Thursday, February 27th. Rehearsals for this year’s spring musical are well underway and the show will undoubtedly be a highlight among the […]

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North’s Upper Dining Hall Keeps Kobe and Gigi’s Spirit Alive

By: Ananya Dondapati and Nona Saharan Tributes to Kobe and Gigi Bryant decorate the whiteboard in UDH. The drawings were originally started by Senior Marcus Sabian Santiago but other students have come forward and added their own contributions to the growing mural. Art by: Marcus Sabian Santiago (Kobe in black hat) and Ani  Two weeks after the private memorial service […]