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Accountability, or a lack of trust?

Students look forward to experiencing the freedom of senior year—driving to school, missing morning or afternoon study halls, and squeezing as much out of the forty minutes of lunch as they can.  However, this year’s seniors walked into their first lower dining hall and were met with an unfamiliar adversary.  It wasn’t college applications; it wasn’t the workload of first […]

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Where homework and cheating meet

  By: Diana Tang and Shaun Robinson In a school district where points and percentages seem to be the only things that motivate students, convenience often takes priority at the expense of valuable learning.  There is perhaps no better example of this here at North than at the intersection of homework and cheating. Let’s be frank: sharing and copying homework […]

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Staff Editorial

School-sponsored field trips come every year like clockwork.  Upperclassmen relay stories to underclassmen of the pranks and incidents that occurred on their trips, creating a sense of entitlement among the younger students.  They see these trips as their right, their opportunity to do what they like and indulge in the same misbehavior as their older peers, but these trips are […]

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Abolish the high school midterm

Last year, the West Windsor-Plainsboro school district revamped the high school midterm, replacing one-period, do-or-die cumulative tests with three smaller assessments in each subject scattered across the first semester. The new system was designed to promote the district’s 21st-century Competencies and to help students who thrive during class activities but struggle on high-stakes exams. “This fair, low-pressure system will make […]

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Editorial: HVAC malfunctions are unacceptable

Books cover the air conditioning units, damp paper towels cover thermostats, artwork in the orchestra room shrivels with each passing day.  Teachers advise students to bring coats to class, and the science classrooms seem to be in an entirely different ecosystem from the English ones.  Some days the classrooms are unbearably hot; other days, they’re freezing cold.  And this isn’t […]

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New attendance policy: is this even a thing?

You know that new attendance policy you’ve been so devastatingly angry/righteously excited about for the past month?  Well, we’re going to do a little exercise right now to help you understand this incredibly important piece of regulation.  Take out a blank sheet of printer paper (preferably 8 ½” x 11”, but legal pads are acceptable) and draw two circles (use a […]