By: Ananya Dondapati & Ananya Sathish

IMG_6325This year, High School North’s spring musical is Mary Poppins. The cast has entered “hell week” as students now spend hours after school practicing the show in preparation for opening night on Thursday, February 27th.

Rehearsals for this year’s spring musical are well underway and the show will undoubtedly be a highlight among the many celebrated performances by North’s multi-talented student body. This year’s show, Mary Poppins, features Caroline Corriveau as Mary Poppins, Max Wiener as Bert, Caley Knox as Mrs. Banks, and Josh Goldhammer as Mr. Banks. 

 For many people, Mary Poppins was a childhood staple that became a part of our lives; songs like “ A Spoonful of Sugar” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” remain timeless classics. However, the musical takes on a different tone than the movie, giving each character more depth and seriousness, while still incorporating the famous music. “Last year’s show, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,  was a light, kid friendly show. Mary Poppins is also fun, but also explores modern issues like feminism and domestic abuse in depth,” said Knox. The story is developed more deeply in the musical and more original characters from the book are added. 

A lot of work was put into the show; the actors took on new tasks and will perform various stunts to add a new level of interest to the show. “A unique aspect of this year’s show is that several of the main characters will be flying and doing aerial tricks.  It wouldn’t be Mary Poppins without flight,” said the show’s producer Ms. Deborah Goodkin. The cast members also worked with an accent coach to perfect their British accents in order to make the performance more authentic. “The accents are the most fun part of preparing for the show, it’s very different from Joseph, which needed more fancy accents; this one is more goofy,” said Goldhammer.  

Overall, the actors are having a fun time balancing the playfulness of the show along with the serious drama that is added. The show is full of emotions and is promises to be riveting. 

The show is opening Thursday  February 27th, at 7:00 PM, and will run through March 1st at 7:00 Pm, the full list of show times is below. Come support the HSN Musical!

Thursday February 27th- 7:00 PM

Friday February 28th- 7:00 PM 

Saturday February 29th- 2:00 PM

Saturday February 29th- 7:00 PM

Sunday March 1st- 2:00 PM

Follow @hsnmusical on Instagram to keep up with the progress of the show and see behind the scenes! 

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