By: Ananya Dondapati & Nona Saharan

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All-American sprinter Ahmed Elmogi runs in a meet. Individually, Elmogi holds  the 400 meter dash school record. Provided by: Ahmed Elmogi

Success is no stranger for Senior Ahmed Elmogi, an athlete on North’s soccer and track teams. The Johns Hopkins commit has broken multiple school records, and just this past season has become an All- American. His rise to success came with endless amounts of practice and motivation from the people around him.

Elmogi’s first experience with track started in 8th grade. He has since become a force to be reckoned with, holding the school record for the 4×100 meter relay, 4×200 meter relay, sprint medley relay, and mixed 4×400 meter relay. He also holds the 400 meter dash record.

Facing injuries in his sophomore and junior year, the All-American athlete found himself in difficult recovery before bouncing back in time for his spring season. Since then, Elmogi has set a large precedent for himself and his teammates, as he reveals the incident helped him become better aware of his form and body. His growth has been exponential ever since, racing sixth with his relay team at nationals.

Regardless, it isn’t the titles and times that define Elmogi, but his incredible sense of drive and leadership that make him the athlete that he is. “Ahmed’s determination and hunger to win are what truly make him stand out from others. I recall a day at practice where he said ‘I hate losing even more than I love winning,’” said senior teammate Kabir Wakankar. Senior Mikey Redavid also talks of Ahmed and his importance to North’s success. “One thing I‘ve noticed about him is that he’s never satisfied… He puts in so much effort into his training and I  am not surprised that he’s evolved into the great athlete that he is today.” 

Elmogi has learned many things from track, especially in the terms of learning to push for more- both in athletics and in life. He attributes this to coaches Warren and Gould, and thanks them for the patience and perseverance that allowed him to mature through his experiences with track and soccer.

The Johns Hopkins commit stresses that it’s being able to come together and support one another than truly makes the biggest difference in an individualized sport. With North Track’s loss of a big graduating class, this past year has definitely taught Elmogi to step up and provide for his team- while teaching his younger teammates to do so as well. “The other upperclassmen and I are all trying to make sure we instill the same ideals and culture we were taught when we were in their place. We are taught to leave the team better than how we found it, so we really are focusing on making sure all of them continue the same culture in the coming seasons,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed and the rest of the team are looking forward to making some noise at nationals this year as the boys are coming off a state relay championship and have many more goals for the rest of the winter and spring seasons in the future.

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