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Get over yourself, honey

It’s nothing groundbreaking to say that there is value in failure. It builds character, thickens our skin, tells us when to strive higher. But in our valiant efforts to promote positive self-image we have instilled the belief in children that they can’t fail.

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Blood, screams, and…taxidermy?

Taxidermy, wheelchairs, and the name Edith have all officially been ruined for me. With Halloween fast approaching, there’s no better way to get into the season than reading the deeply disturbing and uniquely terrifying novel, The House of Small Shadows by Adam Nevill. It’s the profoundly macabre story of Catherine Howard, a woman who is offered the job to appraise […]

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Complicit: Fun with a psychopathic arsonist

Stephanine Kuenh’s second novel, Complicit, won’t change your outlook on life or move you to tears, but it isn’t trying to.  What it delivers is entertainment.  It’s a wild, savage book with enough psychopaths and arson to keep anyone reading. Complicit starts with high school junior Jamie Henry finding out his sister, Crazy Cate, has gotten out of the juvenile […]