In an embarrassing moment for North, players from South’s varsity boys’ volleyball team won the Volleyball Tournament hosted by North’s freshman student council at North on Friday, April 17, triumphing over players from the North varsity girls’ team in the heated final round.

“It felt great to beat North in a volleyball tournament at their own school,” South junior and varsity volleyball player Malik Patel said. Patel became somewhat famous at the tournament for his killer hits and uncanny ability to shut down the opposing team.

While there was a lot of tension between the North and South teams, there was also a sense of camaraderie.

“I had a really good time at the tournament, and I made some new friends from North,” Patel said.

The tournament was structured like the World Cup up until the semi-finals so all teams got to play at least three games. Teams of six to nine players competed against each other to win a $100 gift card to Chipotle. Players were also encouraged to dress up in a costume. Each player on the best-dressed team won a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. The best-dressed team was mostly filled with enthusiastic Student Council members who didn’t know too much about volleyball, but advanced in the tournament through their dedication.

“We were really hyped for the event and dressed up in patriotic outfits with red, white, and blue,” sophomore Student Council member Simon Brooks said.

All money raised in the tournament went toward the 2018 class council for their junior and senior proms. They raised somewhere around $800. “It was our class council’s first event, so a few things were bound to be a little shaky. After a few weeks of wondering if we were going to have an event at all, seeing our work pay off felt really great,” freshman class council vice president David Yang said.
There was a drastic difference in skill level, which only added variety and sometimes hilarity to the event. Some teams were highly trained and came to win, while others just wanted to have fun.
“My team just came to have a good time,” sophomore Ankita Aggarwal said.

The tournament was a definite accomplishment for the rookie freshman council and all eight teams can attest to this. North may not have won, but it definitely hosted a successful tournament.

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