By Jack Carter, Editor-at-Large

Student leaders who met last week with Dr. Dauber did not make discernible progress on a series of important issues but, in concert with school administration, they did focus their ideas and strategize their approaches for an upcoming meeting with district superintendent, Dr. David Aderhold. Last week’s meeting was an extremely informative, educational, and important one, where student body leaders  that students struggle with on a daily basis, and students were made aware of administration’s actions and concerns regarding these very issues. 

Attending the meeting was Peter James, the Assistant Director of Technology for the District, who was present due to issues around the logging out of student Google accounts. He spoke with the Student Council at length about this issue, and a number of things came to light as a result. As a department and as a district, WW-P is taking this issue very seriously, and are concerned to say the least. They have held a test of sorts with students in the media center in order to try to pinpoint some sort of keystroke, time of day, or other trigger that was causing the logouts, but did not find any. While we do not have an answer right now, students can rest assured that the district is aware of this issue, concerned for their students, and working towards a solution. We will have more updates delivered to the Student Council and then published through this column, so stay tuned for updates on that.

In preparation for their meeting with Aderhold, students decided to lean into issues such as a potential open campus in the WW-P high schools. They will also bring up changes to the sign-in process during study hall. Additionally, there has been a new proposal to reinstitute the mental health half-days of last year, on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Many school districts throughout the country are recognizing the importance of student mental health and how much it can mean for a student to take a day off, and Student Council has now brought this concern to our school district as well.

Except an update on Friday, December 17th, with lots of vital information regarding open campus, mental health days, and more following our Student Council’s meeting with the superintendent. 

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