Madison Schechtman

Staff Writer

Finding yourself stuck in a whirlwind of affordable food options in the small college town has never been easier; the many small businesses as well as our favorite chains in the Princeton area, you just might be lost on what to pick. Catering to the many adults and teens alike from the surrounding areas is a tough order for smaller businesses, and luckily, (nearly) everyone’s favorite Mexican street food eatery, Tacoria, has caught the eyes of many, including my own.

Coming from the campus of Rutgers, co-founders Sean, Hazal, and Chuck Patel shared an infatuation with Mexican food, finding themselves trying traditional and authentic eats in the very place it began. The three grads talk about a trip to  “soak up the culture and learn as many culinary secrets as we could,” drawing true inspiration from it to open their first Tacoria location on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick. With the growth in popularity of the college town, the interest and curiosity surrounding the restaurant spread to new towns in addition such as; Morristown, Montclair, Jersey City, and Paramus, New Jersey. 

Traveling down to Nassau Street, in downtown Princeton, the impeccable build-your-own stop has many passersby drooling at the thought of their many options. From purely vegan to the many types of meat offered, Tacoria sends the competition packing solely by their culinary style and individuality. Not only does the eatery pack a punch with their main entrees, but the thought of delectable ‘Nutella Nachos’ was sure to keep me wanting to know more.                  

Photo provided by Tacoria Princeton

Leading up to my taste test, looking at the options was essential to narrow down my list. I had been drawn to a few things on the menu, some being familiar and others being completely unknown to me. Ordering online ended up being the most efficient option for me due to the weather and other variables within my schedule, which I can say made my experience all the easier to find and choose a handful of dishes that suited me. Tacoria was known as one of the best places during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and preserved this reputation up to this day as they managed to get my order out way ahead of time! Although I can say I’m happy to have the typical Tacoria dining experience back, the ease I had in ordering food online and picking it up will always be something of value to both me and the many students and families alike.

After receiving my order, I found myself with a dish none other than the beloved ‘Viva La Nachos’  topped with all the traditional add-ons,  with an addition of the ‘Al Pastor, described as “pork marinated in spices and pineapple” as well as my personal favorite, the ‘Golden Avocado.’ My usual order never fails to disappoint, and with so many options it can be hard to even the playing field. The pork topped nachos were a good start; however, I’m not sure exactly how the dish measured up to the raving reviews and placement in being the best within the entirety of NJ. Indulging in what I think is one of the best quick snacks, Tacoria’s ‘Mexican Street Corn’ most definitely compensated for my lack of overwhelming reaction with the nachos. Selling for only $3.50, this treat is surely one of my new favorites on the menu, is topped with chipotle aioli, cotija cheese, and a garnish of lime and cilantro. Being that they are well on brand for being relatively vegan-friendly, they also offer a substitution aioli in the case it may be your personal preference. Finally moving onto the only dessert they offered, the mouth-watering ‘Nutella Nachos’ did amaze me with how creative and delicious these cinnamon-sugar coated chips were. Trying these with a friend, I can say we adored the hazelnut chocolate spread as a pairing to this sweet treat! 

With so many different options I can say that Tacoria never fails to disappoint my stomach! Although I may not be the most qualified, I can’t say that the nachos are notably one of the best I have had throughout my life. Even though I may not think this dish is specifically superior to all nachos within the state, it did not hesitate to leave me ready to start my descent into a food coma. Shockingly my favorite savory item I tried was none other than the simple Mexican street corn. Dressed in a creamy sauce, this item surely left me wanting more with a kick of the chipotle spices. Overall I can still say that this small street food-inspired eatery most definitely will continue to be #1 in my heart. Even though the search for ‘New Jersey’s Best Nachos’ will be undecided for now, Tacoria will always have the customizable and mouth-watering options that many people like myself love and cherish. 

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