By Kriti Devand

Staff Writer

All of the “coming soon” signs displaying the opening of the brand new bubble tea shop in the Plainsboro Plaza have finally come down. The very popular boba chain “Kung Fu Tea” announced their grand opening about a month ago, and what used to be an empty store is now an up and running successful establishment. 

Whether you’re inside a nearby store, or standing in the parking lot, you can’t miss the brightly colored advertisements all around the complex. 

When you first walk into the store, you are greeted by the friendly staff members with cheerful and familiar music playing in the background. The overall look of the store is very modern. The walls are made of carved stone which complements the bright red Kung Fu Tea logo in the middle of the wall and the black and white tables to the side. 

Kung Fu Tea has a variety of boba tea options, from hot drinks to cold drinks, chocolate-filled drinks to fruity drinks, with twelve different toppings, six different types of boba, and over fifty different flavors, there is something for everyone.

I purchased two of the bestseller drinks from here, both had their very own distinct taste as they were both made of  completely different ingredients. 

Oreo WOW Milk Tea (with tapioca pearls):

Drinking this milk tea leaves chocolate in your mouth after every sip. The drink is made with real Hershey’s chocolate, so the taste is very familiar. There is crushed oreo at the bottom, and there is brown sugar on the top of the cup. The drink is also made with plain milk, and the color of when the milk and the chocolate mix together looks very appealing to the person who is waiting to try it. When everything in the drink is mixed together, the caramel taste from the brown sugar with the sweetness of the oreo compliments the milk taste really well. The boba added to the bottom is sweet and adds a nice texture to the drink, but the drink could have been just as good without it. 

Sunshine Pineapple Tea Cap (with tapioca pearls):

This drink is a part of KFT’s milk cap series. A milk cap is essentially a layer of creamy milk foam that goes on top of the tea. The drink had a very refreshing, fruity taste. Drinking the milk cap on its own tastes very salty, so it would be best to drink both parts of the drink together. This drink was bought with tapioca in it, however, the employee suggested getting this drink with pudding or some fruity flavored popping boba instead. She suggested this to compliment the fruity flavors in the drink itself, and it would have tasted better with any one of the two options.  

Kung Fu Tea is a great place to go when you need a quick stop from whatever you are doing and just need some kind of refreshing drink to help you relax. There are so many different options there that it will take a while before you run out of things to choose from, making this an excellent place to go.

Image Sources: Kriti Devand

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