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Students shine at WW-P’s Got Talent

By Bharati Ganesh and Srinidhi Ananth It is clear that the students of the WW-P School District are immensely talented. Whether it be playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, or whirling a huge yoyo up into the air, the students of this district possess amazing abilities. This was evident throughout the WW-P’s Got Talent show, held on May 14 at High […]

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Bringing in the new year with sickeningly cheesy glitter in Wildfire Talent mistaken for cheesiness

Remember all of those posts you saw on Facebook about the new year?  Captions reading “new year, new me” and “page one of 365.”  Remember how you felt after seeing that same post for the hundredth time?  Well not only was Facebook the home of cheesy and inspirational messages but also on January 1st, 2016 Rachel Platten released her debut […]

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Jessica Jones is a dark but brilliant move for Marvel

Usually, when “Marvel” pops on the screen, I know it’s time to change the channel.  The flashy costumes, grotesque visual effects, and ridiculous battle scenes are a little juvenile for my liking. Jessica Jones is a different story.  The Netflix show is completely adult, and even a little dark and ugly, featuring themes of abuse, sexual assault, and mental illness. […]

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Movies to look out for in 2016

by Micheal Bamford and Zehra Madhavan As we all solemnly remember our failed resolutions from days past, we look to the future in hopes of finding exciting new movies coming out in the year ahead.  We found some sequels, Marvel movies, and other promising films, but they do sound really good! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – November […]

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Infinity Blade III: repetitive, beautiful, and made for the uncoordinated

I dislike video games.  No, it is not because I am disinterested or lack hand-eye coordination, although the latter is definitely true.  It is because I find it difficult to engage myself in a game.  Infinity Blade III, however, is an exception, and getting addicted to this disturbingly repetitive, yet visually appealing, iOS app is a decision I don’t regret. […]

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Disclosure delivers again with Caracal

When Disclosure released their first album, Settle, in 2013, I was hooked.  Their creative blend of deep house beats and electronic pop sounded like the work of much more experienced musicians, and they quickly won over thousands of fans, myself included. The young British brothers are still relatively new to the music scene, but within months they picked up a […]

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Introducing new teachers

Aleksandra Odzakovic-World History teacher “I want my students to see me and value me as a human being beyond just being their social studies teacher. This is why you can always find me at Homecoming, prom, school plays, football games, and any other activities. I am the new debate advisor so this will give me the opportunity to get to […]

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Fall TV: What to watch this season

by Elise Gorberg and Zehra Madhavan Sorority divas committing heinous crimes, beloved 90’s stars making comebacks, suspenseful FBI training dramas: each year, the fall season brings  a variety of new television shows, ranging in genre and in quality.  We discuss the premises of some of the more promising shows and give our take on them thus far.  If you’re in […]