I dislike video games.  No, it is not because I am disinterested or lack hand-eye coordination, although the latter is definitely true.  It is because I find it difficult to engage myself in a game.  Infinity Blade III, however, is an exception, and getting addicted to this disturbingly repetitive, yet visually appealing, iOS app is a decision I don’t regret.

The Infinity Blade series, featuring a flamboyant plotline and stunning graphics, has met considerable success after Infinity Blade I’s first release in 2011.  Honestly, it’s like a completely unreal graphic experience.  You have an almost 360-degree view of the landscape, and the 3-D, detailed characteristics of the game are shockingly amazing.  It’s almost like losing yourself in a virtual universe.  The main character of the game, Siris, is even customizable, with a complete shop for armor, weapons, and accessories.

To top all of this off, Infinity Blade has one of the most intricate, engaging plotlines that I have ever seen in a game. Siris, part of an immortal race called the Deathless, attempts to kill another Deathless, the Worker, who is planning to destroy the human race.  The game leads Siris through the Worker’s towers to kill the monsters protecting the weapon Siris needs to kill a Deathless­—the Infinity Blade.  With interludes between gameplay featuring animated scenes, complete with voice acting, the story moves along smoothly.

However, the series is not without its flaws.  It is extremely repetitive, consisting of the same gameplay for every battle: parry, slash, dodge, block.  Nothing more, nothing less.

After finishing Infinity Blade II last year, I had high hopes for the new game, and on one hand, Infinity Blade III did not disappoint.  Functions were improved, making gameplay a little easier to understand.  Characters are even more customizable, and battles are spiced up with a switch of weapons and movements mid-battle.  They introduced a new playable character, Siris’s companion Isa, and other dealers such as a potions maker.  The plot and visuals were just as amazing as ever.

However, despite all these improvements, most things haven’t changed.  This version retains many of the same drawbacks as Infinity Blade II.  Its main issue?  Over-simplification of combat.  As most critics lamented at the release of Infinity Blade II, the cyclic games become boring and dull.

Is a repetitive game necessarily bad?  Yes, it offers the player no diversity. But isn’t that the case with huge hits such as Temple Run and Angry Birds?  The main goal of the videogame company is to get the player addicted with gameplay.  Sometimes it’s a disaster, but some games–like Infinity Blade III–accomplished exactly what they set out to achieve.

All in all, the Infinity Blade series deserves the attention is has garnered.  Especially from a graphic design point of view, Infinity Blade is a flawless masterpiece.

Being the skeptic I am, take this as fact: Infinity Blade III is one of the best gaming apps ever made, for gamer veterans and beginners alike.


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