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Plant Nanny: a cute way to stay hydrated

By: Diana Tang Apparently, I’m supposed to drink eight cups of water a day.  However, being the extremely healthy, active person that I am, I probably drink maybe a maximum of two cups a day, and my parents never let me hear the end of it.  But really, where’s the motivation to get up out of my chair, pour myself […]

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Infinity Blade III: repetitive, beautiful, and made for the uncoordinated

I dislike video games.  No, it is not because I am disinterested or lack hand-eye coordination, although the latter is definitely true.  It is because I find it difficult to engage myself in a game.  Infinity Blade III, however, is an exception, and getting addicted to this disturbingly repetitive, yet visually appealing, iOS app is a decision I don’t regret. […]