We’ve all been there—you put your headphones on and hit shuffle, but no matter how many times you skip, you can’t seem to find a song that satisfies. Here are a few on-the-verge artists to revitalize your music library.


Alessia Cara

If you like the smooth, silky style of singers like Amy Winehouse and Lorde, try Alessia Cara.  This nineteen-year-old Ontario native’s sultry pop-R&B style, complete with hints of cynicism and a good bit of bass, is captivating.  Cara has already made her television debut on The Tonight Show and released her first EP, Four Pink Walls, on August 28.

Notable Track: “Here”


Vinyl Pinups

If you like the feel-good jams of The Colourist, or the spirited, synth-bathed sound of Smallpools’ “Dreaming,” check out Vinyl Pinups.  The band’s upbeat alternative rock style is carefree, youthful, and impossible to get out of your head.  Although Vinyl Pinups have yet to release an album, they have potential to make a good one, so stay tuned.

Notable Track: “Gold Rays”



If you like Death Cab for Cutie’s acoustic indie rock, then Darlingside might be a good fit.  Their sound is strikingly reminiscent of Death Cab’s mellow, endearing tone, except for a folksy vibe that sets them apart in some songs, which their creative songwriting complements perfectly.  Darlingside just released their first album, Birds Say, on September 18.

Notable Track: “The Ancestor”



If you like Phoenix’s new wave indie rock, or Walk the Moon’s danceable indie pop, try Fictionist.  The band’s delightfully ethereal rock sound is comfortably groovy and laid back, and fits into almost any alternative music library seamlessly.  Fictionist have three albums under their belts, the most recent of which, FICTIONIST, was released in 2014.

Notable Track: “Lock & Key”

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