Aleksandra Odzakovic-World History teacher

“I want my students to see me and value me as a human being beyond just being their social studies teacher. This is why you can always find me at Homecoming, prom, school plays, football games, and any other activities. I am the new debate advisor so this will give me the opportunity to get to know upperclassmen as well and hopefully recruit some of my freshmen. My students know that my door is always open and they can come to talk to me about other things besides Christopher Columbus and the French Revolution.”

Marisol Castro- Previous teacher at Community, Spanish 1, 2, and 4

“I like to have many activities where my students talk with one another to get to know each other and at the same time listen to what their likes and dislike are. I also like to share what I like to do so my students can get to know me as well.”

Ting Zhang – Chinese teacher

“North has a very good reputation in both academics and supporting teachers. I’d love to use my education and experience to work with students in this diverse school.”

Ryan McMichael- Geometry

“I would like to interact with students outside of the classroom as much as possible. This could be during lunch, study hall, athletic events, and other extracurricular activities. By understanding the lives of students beyond academics, I hope to build lasting connections with as many students as possible.”

Wayne Wendel – Previous teacher at Grover

“I have been warmly greeted and assisted by the faculty. I have been able to renew friendships that have been established over my teaching career. I worked this summer with the Boys’ Basketball Program, and the varsity players since day one have been awesome in checking in and assisting my transition to the Knights.”

Kimberly Cushman- Instructional Assistant in the LARKS program

“On the first day of school I headed towards the front doors, and I was greeted by a crowd of students and faculty.  They were cheering to everyone who came through the doors.  I thought that was an awesome way to start off the school year for students and teachers alike!  I also loved it because it made me feel like a movie star.”

Jessica Turner – Culinary Arts

“I like to get to know the students and what their interests and hobbies are.  I want to be able to try and integrate those findings into my class.  I also want to show my students that I am interested in what they do, so attending sporting events, concerts, plays, and other events that the school hosts.”

Dulce Wechsler- teaches Spanish 3, Spanish 4, Spanish 4 Honors, and AP Spanish

“I am very open and accessible. A central part of my teaching philosophy is to be a person before I am a teacher. I like to be someone my students can relate to and for them to understand that I am here to help them learn how to learn.”

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