By Bharati Ganesh and Srinidhi Ananth

It is clear that the students of the WW-P School District are immensely talented. Whether it be playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, or whirling a huge yoyo up into the air, the students of this district possess amazing abilities. This was evident throughout the WW-P’s Got Talent show, held on May 14 at High School South.

The show was organized by the WW-P Education Foundation’s Youth Committee, a group designed to build the leadership skills of middle and high school students in the district. Throughout the year, the Youth Committee fundraises to provide teachers with grants to create innovative and creative teaching programs. The Youth Committee also funds district wide initiatives that cover all areas of the curriculum. The annual WW-P’s Got Talent show is the Committee’s main fundraising event, and it is led by an officer board and supervised by parent mentors.

The Youth Committee has been meeting at South since September to prepare for the show by getting sponsors, holding auditions, finding advertisers for the program book, and serving the food donated by local restaurants. The Presidents of the Youth Ed Committee, High School South seniors Ashritha Bheemidi and Simi Verma and High School North senior Anusha Gurram, ensure that emails are being sent and meeting agendas are met. They also make sure everyone is meeting deadlines and the whole committee is running smoothly.

Before the show began, participants congregated backstage and practiced. Parents and friends of the performers filled the seats in the theater and read the program. Others mingled in the hallway, while perusing the stands set up by local business. Meanwhile, members of the Committee were at work checking the sound system, adjusting the lights, and getting the various acts ready onstage.

The National Anthem was sung by Ashritha Bheemidi and Kunal Kak—who are both seniors at South— to kick off the show. Many performances amazed the audience, including a recitation of the fifty states by a kindergartner, a rendition of “Someone Like You” by an eighth grader, and a Bhangra dance done by members of South’s SAASA team. After each performance, the emcees, who included Simi Verma and Beth Greenman, both seniors at South and Priyanka Chowdhury, a freshman at South reappeared onstage to make a small joke, then proceeded to introduce the next act.

At the end of the show, the audience rose for a huge round of applause and listened attentively to the speeches given to commemorate the talent show’s 5th anniversary and the WW-P Education Foundation’s 20th anniversary. Then everyone voted for the top acts on their phones. The three top acts were South’s SAASA Bhangra group, the Karate presentation by students at Championship Martial Arts, and Percussion Instruments comprised of students of various ages and different schools. “I chose to perform at the WW-P’s Got Talent show because I know a lot of the people attend the show, and it has always been pretty successful,” said Ayushi Palandurkar, a freshman member of the South SAASA team.

All the acts were grateful to have performed in front of such a big crowd, even if they did not win. It was a very enjoyable experience as Aparna Rajesh and Lucy Yao said, “It was a very fun night, and all the friends and families of the contestants deserved to see a great show, and they did.” And the Youth Committee raised funds to provide WW-P teachers with grants. Overall, this year’s talent show was a great success.

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