By: Fariha Tamboli

Many of us simply take the art of cuisine for granted.  However, Chef Frank Kdrojewski, North’s cafeteria’s head chef, has a passion to cook for others, and he has translated this enthusiasm into his profession.

Since high school, Kdrojewski has been passionate about cuisine, intrigued by the foods of the cultures all over the world.  Though his love for ethnic foods emerged from his Slavic background, his ardor for cooking stemmed from his college experiences.  Kdrojewski worked under a master chef when he was in college, and while looking for a job, he stumbled across a cafeteria looking for more workers.

“[The master chef] just took me under his wing and showed me how to cook.  It was a lot of on-the-job training,” said Kdrojewski.  With help and guidance from his mentor, Kdrojewski went on to study culinary arts in college.  Kdrojewski also worked as youth counselor and at a youth attention center throughout his college years.  Though he does not have the opportunity to interact much with youth due to his role behind the scenes in North’s lunch room, he believes that it is his responsibility to address the cultural diversity present.  Since many cultural foods require fresh produce, Kdrojewski strives to provide homemade foods.

In addition to providing healthier options, Kdrojewski has played a large role in diversifying North’s food options.  This school year, he was the one who introduced Boar’s Head Meat and Cheese to the cafeteria, and he added Wawa coffee and slushies, as well.  “We try to make it more retail-based more like a college retail dining facility, and we make fresh soup every day, along with two pastas, two sauces, and a full service salad bar. So we try to make upscale dining choices at the best value for your money,” said Kdrojewski.

Though there have been many changes since Kdrojewski came to North last January, he still wants to go further by developing the aesthetics of the cafeteria and making use of the whole kitchen. “The cafeteria, especially in the grill area, needs a little refresh equipment-wise. I’m trying to get new food shoots for next year,” said Kdrojewski, referring to the area reserved for faculty dining.

Kdrojewski already has plans in mind, involving both the look of and options in the cafeteria. “We have an area over there we don’t utilize that much like the hot wells and the cold wells. I want to bring in some new choices like a sushi bar,” said Kdrojewski. Though they are still under progress, North’s dining facilities have truly come a long way due to his dedication. “We take a lot of pride in our food,” said Kdrojewski. He loves making the food just as much as we love consuming it.

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