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Defending fencing champion: Ananya Parashar

By: Josh Chait & Anusha Bapat Parashar, who “always knows how to make the team laugh,”  takes a fighting stance as she prepares to duel a teammate. Photo credit: Senior Ananya Parashar captains the girl’s saber squad; a renowned veteran fencer, she was the recipient of the sportsmanship award in her sophomore year. Despite her evident affinity for the sport, […]

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Ahmed Elmogi: Off the track

By: Ananya Dondapati & Nona Saharan All-American sprinter Ahmed Elmogi runs in a meet. Individually, Elmogi holds  the 400 meter dash school record. Provided by: Ahmed Elmogi Success is no stranger for Senior Ahmed Elmogi, an athlete on North’s soccer and track teams. The Johns Hopkins commit has broken multiple school records, and just this past season has become an All- […]

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Wrestling Team Takes Down Expectations

By Kieran Sattiraju & Ismail Sy The WWP North wrestling team finished the Mercer County Championships with two third place individual fighters, Tim Glynn (pictured on the right) and Tom Zovich. Matt Moore (pictured on the left) finished in second place for his individual fight. Overall the team placed eighth out of fifteen total teams.  A few years ago there […]

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Northern Knights victorious over South’s Pirates

By: Raymond Chang, Ananya Dondapati, Emma Gampper, Megan Leung, and Aashika Mehta Photo credit: Raymond Chang Last night, at their home pool, the Northern Knights Girls’ and Boys’ swim teams defeated their cross-town rivals, South’s Pirates, by more than just a few strokes. The girls’ team won with a final score of 101-69 and the boys’ team won with a […]

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Carolyn Vaca bumps her way to the top

By: Diotima Roy   When I met with Carolyn Vaca for to interview her for our Girl’s Senior athlete feature, the first thing that struck me was her warm and affable personality.  Her cheerful and optimistic disposition has helped her go a long way in her volleyball career—not only is she the captain of the girls’ volleyball team, she is also an excellent role model for younger players to look up to. “Vaca possesses immense leadership qualities and helps the younger girls understand what they are doing wrong and how to fix it,” said Coach Katie Schuh. Vaca is such a talented player, that it is hard to believe that playing volleyball is not something she always imagined doing. Since […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Football

By: Camila Angola   Fall, also known as football season, comes with the fun of supporting your favorite NFL team and watching games all week long.  However, if you are still unsure about the difference between American football and fútbol, the football season doesn’t mean much to you.  Here is a quick guide to get you in the loop, so […]

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Athletes Conquer the Classroom

By: Michael Miller   College can be daunting, but for some, choosing a college major can be the scariest part. Despite popular belief, choosing a major in college does not determine one’s entire future.  Many people major in one subject, but find themselves working in a completely different field.  Still choosing a major can feel like you planning an entire life. Many career-minded students—as are many of us in West Windsor-Plainsboro—choose job-related majors such as Nursing, Biology, and Engineering. These jobs are perceived as the secure because they are in high demand.  However, other more abstract or artistic majors such as Philosophy, Dance, and Language Studies (Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, etc) have become exceedingly more popular and useful in the career […]

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10 facts about field hockey

Shaun Robinson   Field hockey season is in full swing (no pun intended) here at North.  Let’s take a look at some interesting, and perhaps eye-opening, facts about this sport.   1 – Field hockey is a popular men’s sport outside the US. In major international tournaments, including the Olympics, there are competitions for both men and women.  In the […]

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First time player Kellan Cupid contributes to undermanned football team

    Kellan Cupid is nothing short of an anomaly.  Despite being a full-fledged actor and a member of the school’s dance team, Cupid decided to join North’s football team—in his last year of high school.   “I’ve always wanted to do football, but senior year was my first opportunity to do it,” Cupid said.  His former school, East Brunswick […]

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Mrs. Serughetti retires from coaching girl’s lacrosse, leaves lasting legacy

By: Shaun Robinson   For the past 15 seasons, Beth Serughetti has been the coach of the North girl’s lacrosse team.  She is retiring this year, bringing an end to her incredibly successful coaching career. This decision to step down from head coach, Serughetti described, was mainly due to the significant time commitment that the job entails.  “To have a […]

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Boys’ Golf Team has swung beyond

By: Sarah Hudes and Jesse Polin The boys golf team has lead one of its most successful seasons yet with 15 wins, one loss, and an undefeated win in their division at the Colonial Valley Conference.  Not only did they play exceptionally well at the Mercer County Tournament, where the team came in second against fifteen other teams, but North’s […]

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Malik Thompson: Strong quarterback, avid student, and philanthropist at heart

Balancing academics and athletics is admirable for any student athlete, but it isn’t often that the success continues outside of North’s hallways.  Few reach out to participate in many clubs and sports, and even fewer excel in them all.  Captain of the North football team, Malik Thompson, is not only a three-sport athlete, but also a member of Student Council, […]

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Pass it around

Picture a man standing in line at a local convenience store, waiting to pay for a pack of gum. Suddenly, the glass wall in front of him bursts, sending shards crackling onto the ground. Armed men in black ski masks break through the door, rip open the cash register, and toss wads of cash into string bags. The thieves hand […]