The following is North alumna Emi Angola’s response to our questions about her college decision process, the student life and culture at Clemson University, and more.

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Angola graduated from North in 2016. She is a part of Clemson University’s class of 2020.

I decided to attend Clemson after touring during the spring semester. I remember the trees were still naked back home, but at Clemson, spring was in full bloom. That and the homey feeling the campus provided let me know I was in the right place. 

I’m doing well. Right now, adapting to online school is a challenge, especially since my major (nursing) requires a lot of practice that just cannot be recreated by online lessons and simulations. I love my school so much, the spirit, the people––it’s unmatchable.

I don’t think I get homesick much, but that might just be because I’ve been doing this for a while now. Sometimes, I miss my family and my mom’s cooking.

My favorite thing about Clemson is the people⁠—everyone is so sweet and always has a kind word or just a smile to share, and I think that has made all the difference. The hardest part I would say is how rigorous the schooling is. 

Clemson University approves tuition increases for 2018-19

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I think Clemson is borderline magical. The people, the traditions are all so unique. I think the best description of Clemson comes from Joe Sherman, a graduate of the class of ’34, who said, “There is something in these hills that brings together and binds together and holds together men and women of all persuasions, of all heights, sizes, weights, and cultural backgrounds—something that cuts across every difference, spans every gap, penetrates every wall—something that makes a man or a woman stand taller, feel better and say with a high pride to all within earshot, ‘I went to Clemson.’”

“There is something in these hills that you and I can’t define and others can’t understand. A wave of warmth always surges through me when ‘outsiders’ say, ‘I don’t know what it is about you Clemson people, but your undying love for Clemson is admired by everyone I know.’ There’s something in these hills and I suspect that’s what it is – the ability of an institution through the unending dedication and greatness of its people – its administration, its faculty, its staff, its students and alumni – to impart to all it touches a respect, an admiration, an affection that stands firm in disquieting times when things around it give impressions of coming unglued. Yes, there’s something in these hills where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness.”

Go tigers!

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