—By Michael Bamford & Vansh Bansal—

The girls’ basketball team entered last Friday’s rivalry game against South at 8-6, ready to take on a robust Pirates squad. The game, which had its ups and downs, ultimately turned into a tale of two halves. The Knights committed sloppy turnovers early in the game, and failed to rebound the ball on defense.

South took a 20-10 lead into the half, but the Knights came out fast in the third period. North’s defense led to easy layups, and sophomore Jasmin Watson took over the game, driving to the basket and getting to the free throw line numerous times. Watson led the team with 22 points, but was unable to help North recover the lead. South hung on to win 39-36.

Assuming his usual post on the North sideline was head coach Bob Boyce. Boyce, a calculus teacher, is one of the more passionate people walking the halls of North, and he carries that emotion onto the basketball court. Over the course of a game, Boyce can be seen screaming at his team to pick up the pace, or yelling out signals and plays for the girls to run. He is never afraid to let a player know she made a mistake, and isn’t shy about telling the officials how he feels about certain calls (he received a technical foul in Friday night’s game). When the Knights are struggling, Boyce often takes a seat on the sidelines, possibly to keep himself calm.

The energy and drive Boyce brings to the court are contagious. Boyce encourages his players during timeouts and always voices  approval when the team makes a good play. Here are some photographs of Boyce prowling the sidelines during last Friday’s game.


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