With a new coach in tow, the boys’ golf team, which boasts an impressive 13-1 record, has proven even more successful than last year.  There are many reasons why the team is doing so well, but the main driving force is the intense competition among the players on the team.

The nature of the sport is very individual, which fosters competitiveness from the players’ hard work.  Since the sport is mostly based on each individual’s performance, the roster changes frequently depending on how well each player is contributing.  These two ideas work hand-in-hand to contribute to the overall strength of this team.

“The level of competition between the players is great because all the kids are just a shot or two apart, so that competition in practice rounds keeps them challenging each other,” first- year coach Michael Courtney said. Each player’s love for the sport and desire to have the lowest score on the team create an excellent practice environment.  As a result, this translates over to the matches and gives the team the competitive edge any coach would want.

“We don’t just rely on one or two good players; we have kids throughout the team who can put up good numbers,” senior captain Julian Castoro said.  “Our depth is what sets us apart from other teams.”  The team has won thirteen matches, nine by more than 20 strokes—this is due largely to the equal strength, which most other teams lack, throughout the Knights’ six top-seeded golfers.  “Our number six can beat our number one on any given day,” senior Zack Everett said.

According to Courtney, the seniors played a large role on the team, not only in helping him acclimate to his position as coach, but also as role models and leaders to the underclassmen.  “They were all really helpful in giving the younger kids experience and pushing them,” Courtney said.

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