The season has been full of ups and downs for the boys’ lacrosse team.  After a rough patch consisting of both losses in players and matches, the team was able to pull together and finish the season with 8-10.

One key aspect to this effort was the players’ dynamic.  The team has “one of the best offenses in the CVC,” says sophomore Ioannis Stastinos, who attributes this to the “chemistry from playing together since third and fourth grade when we first started playing lacrosse.”

This teamwork paid off in the game against South.  Following a devastating 7-18 defeat against Hopewell Valley, the team pulled it together, winning 13-11 in an away game at South. The energy was high on the field and the Knights were finally able to pull off the victory over the Pirates, one which has been in the making for a few years.  “They all played really well together and we came out on top that day,” Coach Petrone said.

Prospects were good as the team entered the Mercer County Tournament.  “We earned a home seat, a higher seat than the other teams, so we’re looking good for getting back,”  said Coach Petrone, who explained that after a series of losses, the team “[needed] a win to get back on track.”  After getting this season changing win in the first round of the tournaments, the team then went on to defeat North Burlington and Colts Neck.

Next year, the team looks forward to honing in its skills as a unit.  The team will be losing six players, which the team hopes to remedy by “finding a consistent defense,” says Stasinos, which he says “will make us unstoppable with already talented offensive players.”

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