The team finished its season 7-16 after feeling at a disadvantage for almost the entire season.  Last year, many of the star varsity athletes were seniors and therefore, this year’s team was very inexperienced.  “We were a team made up mostly by fresh players (players who haven’t played a varsity game before), as well as players who are only playing their second year of volleyball,” junior Navid Ali said.  They tried to make up for their weakness by practicing the fundamentals of the game in order to build up a strong base; however, this was not enough to carry them through a successful season.

Senior captain Tipu Shah acknowledged that it was “a struggle because of how inexperienced we are and how tough of a schedule we had,” but a lack of experience is easy to fix, simply through hard work and determination.  Next year, the new athletes who struggled to find a foothold this season will have the experience they need to succeed, but only if they continue to persevere in their preparation for next season.  “Next year, six of us are graduating, so it’ll be interesting to see how they juniors and sophomores step up,” Shah said.  “I think they can be successful next year if they work and play in the off-season, and get better as not only athletes but volleyball players, too.”

Although the team is not proud of its season, it gained a few crucial advantages from it.  “We were able to build our experience for the fresh players and the players who had to step out of their comfort zone,” Ali said.  The team also strengthened its functionality.  “We had a lot of fun and grew closer together as teammates,” Shah said.

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