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Category: Volume 22, Issue 1

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Swimming During the Pandemic

By: Natalie Leung Staff Writer As everything familiar around me began to shut down early March of this year, I was excited to finally have a break from the rigorous training schedule I had endured for the past six months of the winter swim season. Although, as the unexpected months of quarantine slowly trudged on, I felt a desire to […]

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What does COVID mean for the SATs?

Due to the current pandemic, the future of the SAT is being threatened. The on-going quarantine has opened up a window of inspection for the real purpose of SAT scores in college applications. As of right now, since many people are uncomfortable going out to attend test sessions, plenty of colleges have turned the requirement of standardized test scores into an optional choice or have gone “test-blind”. 

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College Board eliminates subject tests in efforts to address changing student needs

On Tuesday, January 19, the College Board announced the discontinuation of both its optional SAT essay and its SAT subject tests. The board also revealed their plans for a “streamlined, digitally delivered” SAT test. Both changes came after several months of test cancellations and adamant frustration regarding adherence to Covid-19 protocols at testing sites.

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Mosul: 101 minutes of greatness

Imagine a typical action movie. Now picture that movie set in ISIS-controlled Iraq, a brutal war enduring between the terrorist organization and a small band of Iraqi SWAT fighters. Now imagine that this team is full of interesting, unique, and sympathetic characters, each with his own strengths and weaknesses.

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The first episode of Attack on Titan’s final season blows up more than just the Internet

On December 6th, Attack on Titan: The Final Season’s first episode was released, effectively breaking the internet in the process. The final season has been long anticipated for the past two months, when the trailer dropped and set fans into a frenzy. With such high expectations, it is no surprise that there have been a number of changes to the show itself, both in production and in storyline.