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About thirteen minutes away for West Windsor residents and five minutes away for Plainsboro residents resides a new Japanese restaurant, Sumi Ramen, which serves a variety of meals including all types of ramen, sushi, soups and salads, rice dishes, and deserts. In this review, we review four different sushi platters from this new restaurant. Each of these sushi platters comes with the standard ginger and wasabi and the traditional soy sauce. 

Poke Salmon Roll- The poke salmon roll at Sumi-Ramen while the sushi itself had a savory taste, as it included a type of sauce on top of it. The sauce was definitely bittersweet, and while the quantity of the sauce/dressing was little, it had a very tangy taste and made the sushi memorable overall. The sushi by itself was appetizing, as I’m always a fiend for sushi, but the sauce is what made it significant. 

The Poke Salmon and Avocado Roll

Avocado Salmon Roll- As for the avocado salmon roll, I like the contrast between the texture of the fish and the avocado itself. It was quite similar to the poke salmon roll, minus the sauce, but was still enjoyable. In general, I don’t think the avocado added anything new to the roll, but it was a nice addition. For those who don’t like avocado, the salmon by itself was fresh and tasted rich. Coupled with the rice and seaweed, the avocado salmon roll was a delicacy that truly was enjoyable. It had its own unique taste and I will definitely be going back for seconds.

Shrimp Tempura Roll – The shrimp tempura roll at Sumi Ramen is definitely one of the most delectable appetizers I have tasted. I felt my mouth water before even taking a bite, and that’s how I knew I was in for a heavenly meal. Each piece of sushi has a fine layer of avocado which sits right next to a crispy and tender piece of shrimp. This entire delicacy is wrapped up with sticky rice and seaweed. After taking just one scrumptious bite of the sushi roll, I could taste each and every part of it and could clearly identify each ingredient.  

The Traditional California Roll – I expected a much stronger and zesty taste after trying the traditional california roll only for it to be just about average. This roll contains a slice of cucumber and avocado with a tiny piece of crab wrapped in between. It sounds extravagant but tastes nothing different than if you were to just eat a cucumber piece on its own with some rice. I was not impressed with the combination of these ingredients as it tasted bland. There was no special sauce or dressing drizzled on the sushi roll which further diminished the taste of the roll. 

Overall, the sushi rolls at Sumi Ramen were not phenomenal and had a very mediocre taste to it. It is definitely a place that has a lot of potential to truly enhance the flavors of their rolls, but it would not be a restaurant at the top of my list when we crave for a delicious sushi dinner.

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