By Anusha Bapat

Opinion Editor

Kids are at home 24/7. This time it’s no longer a saying to describe our device-dependent generation but is also now our harsh reality. I, as a student, can definitely relate to this, considering I’m confined in my room for almost the entire day. Now more than ever, students rely on their parents for meals throughout the day. This dependency on parents has definitely put immense pressure on them as they have to manage their work life and their life at home. 

WW-P has taken commendable action to approach this underlying issue permeating our district by giving every student at WW-P the option of “free meals”. This plan was initially proposed by the district to help alleviate meal stress for students in need. The idea is that any student who needs these meals can register to get them for an entire week. Then, students can register for them again before the new week begins. These free meals are composed of a variety of healthy food items- including muffins, mini cereal boxes, and graham crackers-to satisfy students. The program includes breakfast and lunch which are also given with fruits, vegetables, desserts, milk, and juice. These meals aren’t just packets of snacks, but a proper spread of nourishing food.  

It is definitely an understatement to declare that this new solution has alleviated the stress of families living in the WWP district who simply do not have time to be cooking meals throughout the day. It is incredible that our district is helping out our school community during these anxious and unparalleled times.  Not only are they serving meals to these students, but they are offering them at no cost whatsoever. The word “free” is critical here because it’s what makes this action by our district so preeminent. Even with over 10,000 kids in the school district, not a single dime goes out of anyone’s pocket to pay for the food. 

With winter break just having passed, I feel grateful to be surrounded by such an accommodating and warm community. As a student studying in this district, I feel relieved to be able to rely on my school during these pressing times, especially since school makes up more than half of my daily routine. In addition, this extensive action taken by the school district demonstrates change in our own community. At the end of the day, everyone fends for themselves. However, this pandemic has allowed us to be more united and inclusive of one another. These small actions portray how human nature is evolving. The selfish and greedy aspect that drives us to be self-sufficient is now evolving into a much more open and welcoming mindset. The virus has indeed taken the biggest hit on our lives, but is also the modern-day powerhouse for human progression. And it all starts with giving a student a free meal.

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