The following is North alumna Amolika Bharti’s response to our questions about her college decision process, the student life and culture at Arizona State University, and more.

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Bharti graduated from North in 2019. She is a part of Arizona State’s class of 2023.

Going through the college process was very challenging for me, however, I always knew I wanted to go to a university in an area that was completely different from where I’d grown up. Although I had options to go to schools nearby, I fell in love with the atmosphere and campus Arizona State had to offer.

I’m doing well now and I feel so motivated when I’m on campus. I’m so glad I chose to go to Arizona State. I’m so interested in my major, digital marketing, and I enjoy going to classes. I’ve also met so many wonderful people and gotten involved on campus by joining Greek Life.

I do get homesick sometimes, especially because I’m a five-hour plane ride away from home and in a completely different time zone. Some things I miss about my hometown are definitely seeing my family, and being close to New York and the beach.

My favorite things about Arizona State are definitely the campus and the atmosphere. The campus is so beautiful and it makes going to 9 am classes so much more bearable. I also love the atmosphere of the university⁠—everyone I’ve met is so friendly and open. It’s so easy to meet new people.

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The hardest part of attending Arizona State for me is being so far away from home. Going to college is definitely a big leap of independence for everyone, but for me, I had to do a lot on my own since I’m so far away from my family, and they can’t always directly help out. 

Deciding to leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic was definitely difficult for me because I had to move out completely on my own and navigate a lot of technical issues. My family was always there to help me out over phone calls, but being so far away from them was definitely challenging. However, I feel that being so far away from home has prompted me to be more independent.

The culture at Arizona State was initially very different from what I was used to. Arizona State is definitely a place of a lot of enthusiasm and energy. The culture is very laid-back and welcoming; I’ve seen all different types of people on campus.

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