The following is North alumna Isha Patlola’s response to our questions about her college decision process, the student life and culture at Tulane University, and more.

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Patlola graduated from North in 2019. She is a part of Tulane University’s class of 2023.

I initially applied to Tulane because my cousins went there, but I didn’t seriously consider it as an option until later on in the application process. When I began researching more in depth about the school, Tulane seemed to have a lot of opportunities related to medicine and public health, which is what I am currently studying. However, it wasn’t until I visited Tulane, and stayed with my cousin, that I realized that I really wanted to go there. 

The environment of the school fit perfectly with what I wanted of a college. The people are nice, the campus is beautiful, and the location provides such a unique experience.

I’m really happy with my choice of school. There is not an overly competitive atmosphere at Tulane, which I prefer; it’s easier for me to do work and be successful when I’m not too pressured. 

Also, there is a really good balance between doing work and having fun, which I think is really important. Being in New Orleans has given me the opportunity to experience Mardi Gras, city life, and a unique culture. At the same time, there are so many opportunities on campus and within the city of New Orleans, for medicine especially, which have made my experience academically enriching as well.

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I do get homesick sometimes. When I do, it’s usually just me missing my family and high school friends, because I don’t get the opportunity to visit them often, because of how far Tulane is from WW-P. However, I do think that, now, I get homesick less than I did during my first semester, because Tulane feels like a second home.

My favorite part about Tulane is the fact that it’s in New Orleans. Being in the city means that there’s always something going on—there’s really never a dull moment. The hardest part about going to Tulane is probably finding your personal balance between having fun and doing work. There is immense opportunity for both at the school, so sometimes time management can get tricky.

The culture at Tulane is definitely very different from WW-P. There is a lot of opportunity to both have fun and do work, but there are definitely some people who focus only on the “having fun” part. Coming from WW-P, Tulane was definitely a culture shock for me because it is so different in terms of demographics and going-out culture. However, the atmosphere at Tulane is so friendly and overall happy that it is easy to succeed if you can find that balance between fun and work.

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