The following is North alumnus Siddharth Vemuri’s response to our questions about his college decision process, the student life and culture at Penn State University, and more.

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Vemuri graduated from North in 2019.

I primarily chose to attend PSU because of my intended major, but also because of the general environment the students here cultivate. It is a very inclusive and tight-knit community that can help people get through tough academic and personal situations. And of course, the football games only enhance the student experience with the wild fandom and support for the PSU football team, which rarely disappoints.

I believe I am reaching my goals academically here at PSU, and I owe that in part to the great friends I have made during my first semester. We always make it a point to help each other and make sure we all succeed in the classes we take⁠—instead of thinking competitively.

Because of all the people I have met and the different experiences I have had with them, I am glad I decided to come to PSU.

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I rarely get homesick since WW-P is only a 4-hour bus ride from the campus, which is perfect for making weekend visits any number of times during the semester.

What I miss about home are, most importantly, my family and friends, and my mom’s cooking, as PSU dining does not always serve the highest quality food in comparison.

My favorite things about PSU are either football games or the annual charity event called THON. Each of these events brings people all over the campus together to support a single cause, which I find special.

The hardest part about attending PSU, as it is with any college, is simply adjusting to independent life away from family and childhood friends with new people. The first few weeks are tough to get through, but after that PSU will become a second home.

The culture at PSU is inclusive, proud, and at times a little fanatic. Students are proud that they are a part of the Nittany Lion family, and they do not hesitate to show it.

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