The following is North alumna Emily Kim’s response to our questions about her college decision process, the student life and culture at Oxford College of Emory University, and more.

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Kim graduated from North in 2018. She is a part of Oxford College’s class of 2020, and Emory University’s class of 2022.

As cheesy as it sounds, I felt at home as soon as I stepped onto Oxford’s campus. With only one thousand students (it is a freshman/sophomore only campus), Oxford certainly differed from my vision of attending a large state school next to a bustling city. I would say that the friendly and collaborative atmosphere of Oxford is its selling point.

After your sophomore year, all Oxford students continue onto the Atlanta campus. Next fall I will be entering the Goizueta School of Business, and I am ecstatic to take the next steps of this journey. I would say that attending Oxford gave me room to take on leadership positions, get to know my professors, and develop the self-confidence I need to continue on in Atlanta!

When applying to colleges, I hoped to escape to a southern school with warmer weather. I greatly underestimated how homesick I would feel, as familiarity is something I’ve learned to cherish. However, I do appreciate the independence and freedom that going to university out-of-state has given me.

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Oxford is a quaint town located 45 minutes away from the heart of Atlanta. My biggest challenge was adjusting to a quiet life, having grown up between NYC and Philadelphia my whole life! That being said, the magic of Oxford is making your own fun. 

My greatest memories have been from living with my best friends on the same floor, entertaining ourselves through pranks and movie nights every day of the week. At Oxford, it is incredibly easy to get involved, make connections, and have your mentors and peers genuinely care for your well-being.

Oxford isn’t for everyone! If you’d like to spend your weekends at sports games (Emory does not have a football team), we may not be the school for you. But our diverse, tight-knight community certainly has a lot to offer! 

I’m also open to anyone contacting me with questions about Oxford/Emory! You can reach me at 

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