North’s girls’ softball team has come across multiple obstacles, but the optimism and camaraderie within the team have helped it overcome them throughout the season.

“We have had some injuries and the weather has been poor but all of the teams have to deal with those situations.  Our lack of base runners (run production) and hitting ability have been our major obstacles,” coach Jason Petrone said. “[However] the girls are keeping a good attitude and doing what is asked of them as they try and stay positive and enjoy softball.”  Freshman Jackie Markisz added that as the team has continued to have a positive attitude, its chemistry has grown.  “I noticed that we play as a team more and we have all had more contact with the ball as the season has progressed,” Markisz said.  “For myself, playing on varsity has enhanced my skills as a softball player.  I am more aware of faster pitchers and am not afraid to make a mistake.”

Overall, the team has made great progress since the beginning of the season, especially in its memorable 20-0 victory over Lawrenceville Prep.  Sophomore captain Sara Duane said the Lawrenceville game “really boosted [the] team’s confidence and showed how much potential [it has].”  With the season coming to a close, the team continues to wrestle with the injury bug.  “We need to come together as a team even more and work together since just recently we have had a few players get injured,” Duane said.  The team endured a disappointing Mercer County Tournament, but the players are already thinking about next year.  “Next season, we need to work more as a team and act more serious with leadership,” Markisz said.

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