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Category: Volume 22, Issue 3

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What I’ll Keep: Family Game Nights

Before the pandemic, getting everyone in my family into one room was nearly impossible. My mom and dad on calls, my sister attending class, and my brother in the basement on his PlayStation meant I rarely had time to see them before dinner. But when we were hit with our first lockdown last year, I found myself spending the most time with my family than I ever had before.

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A Look Into North’s Beloved Thespians

High School North’s Thespian Society never fails to impress. From captivating fall dramas to dazzling spring musicals, our actors and actresses have quickly captured the hearts of our WW-P community. As the Class of 2021’s graduation is just around the corner, let’s take a look at some of North’s greatest performers. Caroline Corriveau: Shining on Stage What have you participated […]

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The Hits and Misses of Disney Film

Disney is often credited for creating the most noteworthy animated movies in the film industry. A company with hundreds of thousands of employees, Disney has released several dozens of movies since it was first founded in the early 1900s. But despite Disney’s captivating fairy tales and charming animated characters, the company has had its fair share of failures.