by Kealan Daly, Staff Writer

Jason Sudekis’ impressive acting career has gone to another level. In August of 2020, Ted Lasso was released on Apple TV and had the whole world talking. With 20 Emmy award nominations, Ted Lasso has been one of the fastest growing TV Shows in the world. Richmond FC, a fictional soccer team in London, England, have just hired their brand new American Coach Ted Lasso, who is plain, simple, and has no knowledge about soccer. Lasso bonds with the team nicely and figures out certain strategies to try and win games throughout the year. In Season 1, Roy Kent, the captain of Richmond FC, is a hard man who is the “bad cop” of the team. His character is actually based around former Ireland & Manchester United Captain Roy Keane. Richmond got relegated to the Championship at the end of Season 1 and the show picks up right where it left off in Season 2.

However, this Season of Ted Lasso doesn’t focus on soccer quite as much as in Season 1. Instead, it focuses on the personal lives of Ted Lasso (Jason Sudekis), Coach Nathan (Nick Mohammed), and most recently there was a whole episode dedicated to Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt). But most importantly, Season 2 focuses on the mental health of all the characters in the show. Ted Lasso suffers with anxiety and depression after his divorce with his wife. Richmond FC brings in a team therapist who helps with the players mental health. They’ve done a good job making the show relatable to a global audience, and reinforcing the crucial idea that it is ok not to be ok. Sudekis and the rest of the cast seem to have so much fun filming the show, and the whole world is hoping that there are many more seasons to come.

Image Source: Apple TV

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