Tanika Mally

Arts & Review Editor

Bored of eating the same home-cooked food every day? Tired of the same, nearly indistinguishable flavors that enter your mouth? Looking for something brand new, riveting, and explosive with every bite? The solution for all your problems are right here! The pandemic has forced most people to eat at home and prepare their own food, denying the daily indulgences of restaurants and takeout we used to do so often. The tireless routine of what to cook and what to eat has become, frankly, quite stagnant. Not to fear, however! The pandemic hasn’t stopped new restaurants, filled with scrumptious meals, from popping up all over town. Here are just a select few recently opened restaurants in the area!

  • Ani Ramen:

    Calling all ramen lovers! Ani Ramen has opened a new shop right here in New Brunswick, and with it’s appetizing menu, it’s here to stay. Known for its signature custom made ramen, the restaurant’s lively atmosphere and bustling energy provides one with all the possible reasons to keep on going back. A personal favorite and recommendation would be the Shoyu Ramen Bowl, a classic dish that bursts at the seams flavored with shoyu tare (or otherwise known as soy sauce). Their enticing broths, paired with their delicious noodles, creates a party in the mouth with every possible bite. All in all, the restaurant provides their dishes with a side of adventure and comfort, allowing its customers to customize their own experiences.

  • Halal Guys:

    Straight from the sizzling stoves of the New York City food carts and into the hands eager residents of New Jersey, popular chain restaurant Halal Guys has recently opened a new store right in the heart of Mercer Mall. Renowned for their mouth-watering chicken, gyro over rice, and scrumptious falafel sandwiches-the place is sure to be a hit with all types of crowds. Perhaps what they are most famous for is their flavorsome white sauce, bursting with savory goodness and paired excellently with any dish. What sets Halal Guys from the rest is the inclusivity in its menus. As stated in the name, the restaurant serves food that fits  Islamic criteria, which refers to the way the meat is prepared, as well as the lack of pork items in the menu. There is a variety of vegetarian, chicken, and beef dishes to feast upon as well, so it caters to people of numerous diets!

  • Prince Tea House:

    Enjoy the delicacies of French tea? Want to have brunch with your friends at an aesthetic cafe and take some mesmerizing photos for your Instagram? Have a penchant for pastries and all things sweet? If you said yes to any of the above, then you must go to Prince Tea House, located in Kingston Mall. The elegant, cozy establishment opened up only a couple weeks ago, and provides a sense of relaxation just upon entering the shop. The tea house serves a thoughtfully curated selection of tea, imported directly from France and are presented in vibrant and sophisticated tea sets. Prince Tea House serves delicious and unique confections, with their heavenly Brown Sugar Bubble Mill Crepe Cake, chocolate Molten Lava Cake, and fresh Coconut Panna Cotta. It is easy to imagine spending a peaceful brunch there with a good book and even better food!

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