Ismail Sy

Sports Editor

As we all come back into the building full time this school year, a lot of classes have made a lot of changes. Physical education here at High School North, is no exception. With PE involving a lot of physical activity, and interaction with students, doing this class virtually was a challenge for not only the students, but for the teachers as well. Most students would say that they did the workout, but not really end up doing it, since no one was monitoring them to see if they did it or not. Mr. Santoro, who teaches the juniors, said “It was tough knowing that some students did not do the workouts we posted”, when he was addressing his period 3 class.

Now that students are back however, that means we get to back to the activities that made gym class fun. For example, swimming will be coming back, a surprise due to the COVID restrictions like keeping masks on inside the building. Swimming, while it does have some mixed reviews, it is one of the more fun units of gym class. “Swimming will be happening”, said Ms. Reca, who also teaches juniors, and is the swim coach as well.

Additionally, Mrs. Petrocelli, who teaches the sophomores, also echoed the same sentiment. “ As a department we are able to move forward with the curriculum for each grade level”, said Petrocelli, and she also expressed her excitement for students coming back to the building. “Our department is thrilled to have the student body present and ready for participation. We missed our NORTHERN KNIGHTS!” she said.

Furthermore, there will be obvious mask mandates for students. For example, when changing in the locker rooms, students must keep their masks on at all times. However, when students are outdoors participating in vigorous activities, they are allowed to take off their masks. These rules have loosened significantly, in comparison to last year. 

Overall, it is great to see kids back in gym class this year. This is something that kids look forward to everyday, as you get to do fun activities with your friends, and now that we are returning to school, we can get that excitement back. 

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